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The Song Goes On. . . A Deeper Family

As Christmas day came to a close, she sat transfixed, leaning forward, her face turned full into the open bell of the grand piano. Hands clasped, tired body at attention, she listened with every ounce of energy she could muster, working to sift out the sounds of a Chopin nocturne from the hubbub of happy family noises. Sounds that rolled into the room and surrounded her, flung there by the nimble fingers of her 18-year-old great-grandson.

This very piano once belonged to her husband and had filled their home with music every day, sometimes for hours at a time – beautiful music of all kinds, from Beethoven to Sondheim to self-styled hymn arrangements to medleys of 1940’s big band favorites. Music was part of the air we breathed when I grew up in that house. It flowed from the piano, or came through the speakers of a home-built hi-fi set. Whether coming from my father’s large hands on the keyboard, or from the vinyl long-play records my dad regularly checked out of the local music library, we were surrounded with melody.

In our 21st century culture of instant downloads, pocket-sized music machines and oh-so-private listening, it is sometimes hard to imagine living spaces serving as concert halls for entire families, but that is what we enjoyed in our home. I had my own small collection of 45 records, but more often than not, I chose to listen to the music my dad provided.

Please follow me over to A Deeper Family today, for my monthly contribution to that fine space. . . Mom and me in 1947, just before I turned two and my brother Tom was born.

Come On In!

My New Year’s Eve view as I walked last evening.


Today’s the day – a brand new year and a brand new space!

My deep thanks to Lyla Lindquist for all the behind the scenes work, design skills and kind expertise as I shift from Blogger to WordPress. I’m a newbie here, so please forgive any formatting errors as I try my hand at writing in this space.

I’m loving the way it looks and slowly getting used to the way it works.

Please, kick off your shoes and take a look around. You’ll find some things that are familiar (like all my old posts, links to social media and buttons from places where I write and read) and some things that are new (like a button of my very own, featuring my backyard garden fairy, a beautiful new banner and a new address,  something my technologically proficient son-in-law has been begging me to do for about two years now.

Today’s post also marks something of a milestone in my own blogging history:

THIS IS #500

Yes, indeed – I’ve written 500 posts, most of those in the last two years. I’ve always had a love affair with words, but 500 posts? Who knew? So, in keeping with the turn of the calendar page and with fingers stretched both backward into the year just past and forward into this brand new one, shimmering out there in the future, I thought I’d do a little research and see which posts in 2012 received the most ‘looks.’ I’m not a place where lots of people leave comments. This is a low traffic site, but there were several posts that got a little bit more attention than the others in the year just past. And, true to form, the one topping the list was a guest post, from Laura Oyer as she and Megan Tietz took a blog tour as part of the second wave of promotion for their wonderful book, “Spirit-Filled Parenting.”

Coming in right after that as the Top Ten for 2012 were these:

1. A post I wrote for Rachel Held Evans’ synchro blog on mutuality, in which I told the story of our marriage and my call to ministry.

2. My contribution to the community Bible commentary series on 1 John over at Bibledude’s place,

3. One of my personal favorites – a prayer with photos last August.

4. A tribute post to my friend, Lucille Peterson Johnston written in August.

5. A letter to my teen-aged self, part of Emily Freeman’s wonderful invitation that so many bloggers participated in.

6. This one was part of a larger discussion between two blog posts over at A Deeper Story – mine on my call to ministry and Emily Wierenga’s wonderings about feminism – such an interesting ‘coincidental’ pairing that I thought we both handled exceptionally well. Here’s the link to my commentary on that, which includes a link to both of our posts.

7. In November I wrote about rainclouds and wildfires, looking briefly at my mom’s journey with dementia. There will be other posts on that topic as we walk this long road together.

8. And coming in just after the one above is a second post about my mom – this one with a link to Rachel Held Evans’ Women of Valor series.

9. I just finished a 24 day Advent series and one of those posts landed on this list – the one about the single red leaf.

10. And rounding out this list is yet another December post, this one in celebration of our 47th wedding anniversary, I wrote this post for A Deeper Family.

And that’s what people looked at in the year just past.

I wonder what will catch the eye, the heart in 2013?