5 Minute Friday: A few of my favorite things…

Linking up with the very tired by oh-so-blessed Gypsy Mama again this week. How I love this woman’s blog! As always, 5 minutes on the clock of unedited thoughts on the topic at hand – this week? A few of my favorite things…


With the opening disclaimer that my absolute favorite things in all the world aren’t things at all, but rather people and experiences – I will submit the following list, restricted – for the purposes of this exercise – to actual things:

My Macintosh laptop computer, graciously given to me at my retirement by the church I served for 14 years

My books – every last one of them – and there are way too many to count (though I am culling a bit as I move out of my office at the church s-l-o-w-l-y in this new year). Tops on that list are anything by Eugene Peterson/Frederick Buechner/Madeleine L’Engle (except that novel about David!)/Barbara Brown Taylor/Walter Brueggeman/Marilynne Robinson and too many others to count

Anything created for me by my grandchildren – from photographs to primitive drawings

The 100 year old oak tree in our front yard

The 60-70 year old ginko tree in our side yard

The view out my bedroom windows (all right, I’ll admit – that’s not a thing, either!)

Our home – love it, love it

My daughter’s wonderful artwork

Photographs of all those I love more than life – and there are a whole lotta those, too!


Pictures added later:

The oak tree – recently “laced” to prevent breakage and toppling after losing a wonderful old friend in another part of the yard.
A little bit of the gingko outside our bedroom
a peek at the house we’ve loved and welcomed so many to since 1997
All of us as of August of last year – such gifts these dear ones are!

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  1. Lovely Diana….what beautiful thoughts. Oak trees really are quite amazing!

  2. Oh those trees are amazing! And I also love L’Engle. Which is the David book? That doesn’t ring a bell with me.

  3. I loved your post full of favorites!

  4. Oh how I love old tree’s! Most of my photo’s include trees, they mesmerize me. Some people say that they feel closer to Father at the beach or in the mountains but for me its when Im gazing at the trees! Beautiful writing!

  5. I happen to love my mac computer, too. What would I do without it?? I’m sure I’d survive, but life wouldn’t be as fun! 🙂

    Missed you at Soli Deo Gloria this week but glad I found you here!