5 Minute Friday: On distance…

The lovely and terribly talented (and also very tired new-mommy to #3, the beauteous Zoe) Lisa-Jo has given us a corker this week. 5 minutes of unedited, non-stop writing on this topic: “On distance…”

Distance is a tough word for me today, carrying multiple layers of meaning and poignancy …
…distance from people I thought were friends (2 that I can think of)…
…distance from my eldest grandson, who is living thousands of miles away for a while and figuring out who he wants to be as he enters young adulthood…
…distance from the mom I’ve always known as she moves into confusion more often than either of us would wish or choose…
…distance from our home congregation – self-imposed, to be sure and coming to an end in three weeks – but a strange sort of exile still…
…distance from parts of myself that are no longer in active mode, learning to re-direct all those pastoral instincts and contain them within the boundaries of retirement I am just learning about…
…distance from my usual devotional routines, by choice mostly, but also by necessity as I figure out how to do this in a different way, with a different schedule (or lack of same)…

BUT… no distance from God just now, just trying to remain open to where the Wind will blow me next…


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  1. What a touching post – I like how you explored the many facets of distance.


  2. Distance was a hard one for me to ponder today also. Your words are touching. Thank you for sharing your heart with us!

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! Your words are so encourging!…Distance is a hard thing! But it’s so wonderful that you feel no distance with God!

  4. There is so much to be said for “distance”. I’m glad to hear yours doesn’t include a distance from Father! I pray you continue to experience His peace as He guides you through this chapter.

  5. I can relate to SO much of this—some very specific experiences, but also just the feeling of not being connected, grounded, feeling a bit adrift at sea. Those journeys can be frustrating, but they’re often important. Blessings as you move closer to some things and farther from others.

  6. Thanks for visiting at my blog. It’s such a joy developing these new cyberspace relationships. 🙂

    Your thoughts on distance are complex, but one thing about distance is that it offers new perspectives. I remember when my husband retired and we distanced ourselves from our church home of seventeen years… that sense of not being grounded to a specific place and its accompanying routines. We slowly established new routines as we looked for God’s leading each day.

    Sometimes the path for our lives is winding and we can’t see around the bends. But we continue to walk in trust, knowing that God has a purpose in mind for us and will reveal it in His time.

    Blessings to you today.

  7. So much many transitions in life where we see distance. There is also opportunity for growth, prayer, a new ministry. God is faithful even in the space in between.

  8. Distance is hard. There are so many in my life right now, just as there seem to be in yours. But as long as you are close to God, surely you are close to everyone else?

    That’s what I am trying to teach myself, to connect with the universe, to feel part of something greater, so I can stop feeling so alone.

    Thank you for visiting my blog and the lovely comment you left… I hope you come back again…

  9. Dorothy,

    I’ve got you bookmarked and followed – so I’ll do my best. BUT you need to do what I need to do – make your blog available by email. I’m researching it and if I succeed I’ll let you know how!

    Thanks for your note today – and yes sensing God’s nearness even in the distances is encouraging – and also challenging at times! But then, God is like that. :>).