Baby Hair

Every Wednesday,
we have a delightful small visitor.
Next week, she will be 15 months old 
and when she’s in our home,
we are on constant alert.
She is bright, 
a great eater,
not so much a sleeper,
is talking up a storm
(though 95% of it is syllabic sound with inflection only,
and it’s anybody’s guess what she’s actually saying),
and she clearly knows what she likes…
and what she doesn’t like.
She definitely likes Poppy (whom she calls mah-ma,
no matter how many times we repeat, “Poppy;”
“Nana” she gets, but not the ‘p’ word).
And she definitely likes hats,
frequently going to her bag to get out her own,
 which action can loosely be interpreted as:
“Don’t you think it’s time to go outside now?”
And this girl loves her binky.
Between our house and her own,
she probably has about two dozen – 
and any of them will do, thank you very much.
In fact, she often enjoys popping one out and
putting another one right back in.
She looks a lot like her daddy (who is our son),
and has been blessed (cursed?)
with his flyaway, very fine hair.
It is constantly in her sweet face.

 Last week, she graciously allowed me to experiment
with a brightly colored elastic band 
which I found stuffed in a drawer.
(Sadly, I have a lot of things stuffed in a lot of drawers!)
And it worked!
Her hair stayed out of her face for…
let’s see…
about 5 minutes, I think.
Just until she dived head first into the couch cushion,
and out it slid.
I think I’ll just let it fly tomorrow.
She is our favorite playmate these days,
whether her hair is perfectly coiffed or not.
A regular reminder of …
and Love, with a capital “L.”

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  1. I just can’t get over how cute your delightful small visitor is :). And what a gift that the girl knows what she wants!And I think her hair gorgeous!

  2. I can’t get over how cute she it, either! Laura, you are SO GOOD about always making it around to comment on your contributors. Thank you. I appreciate it.