Five Minute Friday: When Seasons Change…

It’s that time again – Friday musings with Lisa-Jo over at the Gypsy Mama.  Time yourself – 5 minutes of unedited writing on a theme.  

This week – When Seasons Change:

Where I live, it’s about the light.  

We don’t get snow.  
We don’t get hot sun and humidity.  
We don’t get a lot of color change.  

Ah, but we do get a change in the angle of the light, 
and it’s really something I cherish.  

We’re on this odd peninsula here on the central coast of California and our beaches all face south instead of west. 

So the angle of the sun, the position of the sun 
can change the shape of shadows, 
can illuminate the underside of flowering blossoms in different parts of the yard 
at different times of the year.

You have to pay a bit of attention to notice the seasons changing here.  

Very little drama, very little shouting.  
It’s about subtlety, and the lengthening and shortening of the days.  
It’s about the details.

And I love that.  

It reminds me of the changing seasons in this life we live.

Some things happen dramatically as we age and ‘season,’ but most things come gradually, in small ways.  

Little things.  

Like fine lines on faces.  

Like the sudden appearance of gray or silver where there used to be blonde or brunette or red.  

Like the mild moments of …. ‘Now what is that word/name/idea I’m searching for..’  

Like the small, but unstoppable changes that happen in the littlest of our loved ones, those precious things that mark the passage of time, the changing of seasons. 

What never changes is God’s love for us.
What never changes is our need for that love.
What never changes is the truth that 
our shadows are seen, 
our shadows are known, 
our shadows are welcome.  
Oh, thank you for that, Lord.  Thank you for that.


Photos and formatting added later.  Yes, I know that’s a bit of a cheat, but hey – it just worked better with the pictures.  No words changed however – just how they appear on the screen.  

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  1. i enjoyed your post:) it isn’t often i find someone anywhere near my age/life experience. loved your photos:)

  2. Lovely, again! I enjoy seeing what you come up with.

  3. WOW! All in 5 minutes? Love that! Beautiful. I grew up in Southern Cali and I love the nuanced seasons. My husband makes fun of me when I talk about our seasons here with great enthusiasm, since he hails from the northwest. I especially notice the smells that change..the different scents in the air… Loved what you wrote about the shadows….yes.