Five Minute Friday: Every Day…

It’s that time again:  Friday morning and Lisa-Jo’s prompt. 5 minutes, start and stop – no editing, no worries.


Every day, I wake up glad and grateful to be alive.

Every day, I wonder …. how can I capture the pieces of my life and make sense of them for others to read.

Every day, I am grateful for my husband and his quirks and gifts.

Every day, I am grateful for my kids and their kids – for how they teach me about grace, for how they do their lives so much better than I did at their age.
Every day, I search for God in the echoes of the life I am living now.  
        A life without a set schedule (or at least a seriously less structured schedule); 
        a life without deadlines (most of the time); 
        a life without a congregation to care for and plan events for and occasionally preach and teach for.

But every day, I am more fully aware that the life I live now is not without meaning, purpose or value.

Every day, I come one step closer to relaxing into the life that is mine right now, this life that is looser, freer, less well-planned and organized.

Every day, I think I’m getting closer to getting it – to living it, inhabiting it more fully, experiencing what later life can be.

But every day, I know that I am one day closer to being truly old (I refuse that label just yet, even though I say it a lot).

Every day, I am closer to the end of this life and I want to end it well.  

By God’s grace, I’ll make it to the tape and leap across with relief and gratitude.


These leaves may be gray – but the flowers are still brilliant and cheery.
Here’s to letting the colors shine.

Formatting added later, and the photo, too.

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  1. Beautiful post! I love your perspective regarding “finishing strong.”

  2. No matter how old any of us are, you are so right that we are one day closer to the end. That would be depressing if it weren’t for the beauty that awaits us. You have a beautiful perspective.
    Visiting from Five Minute Friday links.

  3. This post really resonates with my own heart – the search for God in the echoes of my life, getting closer to “getting it”, more fully aware that my life is not without meaning, purpose, and value…to realize all these things makes growing older SO worthwhile!!

  4. What an amazing list. It fills me with hope and joy. I look forward to meeting you at the finish line. 😉

    But in the meantime I’ll have to make do by signing up to be your new follower!!


  5. beautiful!

    Today I’ve introduced your blog to the RevGalBlogPals–welcome to the community!

  6. I love the Spirit, the enthusiasm, the life in your words. I am grateful for life and purpose too.

  7. gorgeous! Welcome to RevGals.

  8. My thanks to each of you for your kind comments. One of these days, I’m going to figure out a better comment system so that I can respond individually. In the meantime, thank you each and all!