Morning Glories

Linking up with “Three – from Here and There” and their photo theme weekend.  
This week’s prompt?  Morning.
I’m not a morning person.
Give me a warm bed and a darkened room,
and I’ll sleep ’til noon, if allowed.
there are those mornings when I need to be up – 
and even a few when I choose to be up…
and I am always enthralled,
by what the world feels like
and looks like
in the earliest hours of the day.
It sometimes looks like this:
 Pelicans lined up in the coral light,
looking for breakfast.
Fisherfolk, gliding through ribbons of 
liquid bronze. 
 Cloud people playing tag overhead.
Home-building in the early light.
Paradise in pink & lavender.

Morning, it turns out, does not have a ‘u,’
even though my personal circadian rhythm 
is sometimes suspicious that it does.
Rather, morning can be a gracious, even holy time,
reminding me that everything in creation
gets a chance for a do-over.
Including me.

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  1. wow love these photos. I am especially drawn to clouds that playing tag made me smile. Thanks for sharing your morning time.

  2. So, so lovely – all of them, but then I LOVE the mornings. And thanks for stopping by Pollywog Creek. Here is a link to that little collage a bit larger:

    God bless!

  3. The spider and his web are beautiful.

  4. All of your pic is good but i love spider one pic. that’s look awesome.

  5. I’d never sleep if I woke to this everyday!!!!
    thanks for getting up and sharing your ‘mournings’…

  6. There is some breathtaking lovely here – those reflections… wow.

    I’m so glad you linked up with Three!

    We post a new prompt every three weeks – it’s just a fun place for the three of us (and anyone else who wants to play along) to share photos.

    We’ll definitely look forward to seeing more from you!

  7. Being a night person, I enjoyed your post very much. Sometimes we must get up early and your beautiful photos proved it was a joy to get up that morning.

  8. “… new every morning. Great is thy faithfulness!” Beautiful reminder, Diana, and equally beautiful photos. 🙂

  9. Gorgeous! glad i checked in “)

  10. Love it – beautiful!