Guest Post: Dancing With God

A couple of weeks ago, I left a comment on my blog friend Deidra’s site. Linda Thomas read it and asked if I’d be willing to expand it into a full-on blog post for her. I was delighted to help because I love all of Linda’s encouraging and practical words about writing spiritual memoirs as a legacy for our families – what I try to do in this space, actually. Here’s a snippet and a link on over to her spot where you can read the rest…

As is my habit, I took a walk around my driveway one evening last week. And afterward, I sat in our tree-swing to cool down, looking over this property and home that we love, and I asked myself a hard question: “Why, Lord? Why do I have so much while so many others have so little?” Each day as I walk, I try to be thankful, specifically thankful, for the gifts of the day. And always, always, I am thankful for this house, this yard, this place that feels like gift every single day we’re here. And on this day, this particular day, after reading beautifully written and poignant posts about starving children in the Horn of Africa and children needing sponsors through World Vision or Compassion International, I was feeling overwhelmed by the discrepancy between my life and theirs.

And then, I remembered some of the bits and pieces of my story.

Hop on over to Linda’s to read the rest…

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  1. Hi, Diana, thanks for linking back to your post over at my blog. 🙂 And I love that photo of your swing. I can just picture you there. Beautiful spot!


  2. It was so wonderful to hear of your experiences in Zambia. I lived in Ndola until my last three years of high school, where we lived in Lusaka. I remember visiting Choma with a Mennonite friend of mine and loved being on the mission station there.
    I’ve been a follower of yours for a while and am so glad you told me about living in Zambia! Now it puts a special twist on your blog for me 🙂