Saturday Evening Blog Post: July & August

Joining with Elizabeth Esther for her monthly invitation to post a favorite post for the month.  This time she’s invited us to submit TWO, as she was in Bolivia with World Vision at the first of July. Here is what it’s about:



This is where bloggers gather on the first Saturday of each month to share their favorite post from the previous month! Today we’re sharing our favorite post from JULY & AUGUST 2011!

As I read over my posts from the last two months, 
 I was surprised to discover that I like quite a few of them! 
Maybe, just maybe, over time and with practice – 
I’ll get a little better at this whole writing-it-all-out thing 
I’m called to do at this point in my journey.
So for July’s favorite, 
I chose to highlight some thoughts 
about how hard it is to concentrate on the writing itself,
when everything I find out there in blogland is pushing me 
to think about things like ‘platform’ 
and ‘building my audience.’
It came out in the wee hours of the morning 
and is a bit angst-driven, 
but it’s what I’m feeling and working through just now. 
And, as an added bonus, 
it’s just about the first time I figured out 
how to put a link in the middle of anything! 
As an incredibly techie-challenged person, 
it is always delightful 
and infinitely self-satisfying to figure out 
one blessed thing 
having to do with the workings of computers or cyber space.
Here’s the ink for July:

And for August – I picked one from this last weekend, 
springing from a powerful sermon 
on the questions God asks in scripture.
This will be a wonderful series to post about each week 
and I’m really looking forward to tomorrow’s message.

Here is the link for August:

August selection:

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  1. I’m glad to learn that I’m not the only one who goes back to read my previous posts. It always gives me a little twinge of guilt when I find some that I like… as if I shouldn’t feel any pride in occasionally getting the words right. But I think maybe we need that bit of encouragement. Otherwise the frustration of striving and never quite achieving might discourage future attempts. I always enjoy your posts, Diana. Thanks for bringing your favourites to my attention. 🙂