Five Minute Friday: DELIGHT: A Photo Essay

I’m about out of words for this week.
I’ve written my heart out for the last two weeks or so, 
trying to be more ‘vulnerable’ in my reflections.
Net result?
Fewer readers, many fewer comments.
A couple of those were ‘entered,’ if that is the right word, in an open invitation, a highlight-will-be-featured kind of event.
Never yet made a cut at any of those,
so I know there is something missing in this place.
I’m just not sure what that is.

So, I’m taking a bit of a break from words just now.
I’m heading out for this three-day weekend,
spending it at the mission,
a reunion with the folks from the school where I am in training for spiritual direction.
I will not be posting or checking facebook for a while.
So to transition myself from too many words to none,
I’ll reflect on Lisa-Jo’s invitation this week with photos from the last two weeks, photos that reflect that intake of breath when I see something wondrous,
I am grateful beyond words for these God-given moments of bliss, particularly during this difficult season of slow loss,
the fading away of our moms.
These photos range from a surprising surround-sound sunset as I walked circles in my front drive,
to a glorious pink-flowered tree as I walked in my daughter’s neighborhood on Monday,
to beachside stops for lunch and prayer,
to a few shots of our local-est grandkids.
Thank you, Lord, for these good gifts.

Thanks, Lisa-Jo, for this great prompt. Delight is a gift of grace and it’s always fun to reflect on how we meet grace in the everyday.
Check out some of the other entries over at TheGypsyMama: 

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  1. Oh those photos are GLORIOUS!!! The flowers – oh man, I want to sink my face into that tree. But beating out even the sunsets and the pink trees has to be the pair of fuzzy baby slippers. I guess my own delight is a bit biased these days.

    Happy beautiful weekend to you, dear heart


  2. Beautiful photos! I especially loved the first one. Thank you for sharing beauty and delight.

  3. Sesame Street is a delight to me daughter and so it is to me as well 🙂 These photos are lovely and I’d like to fill my house with those pink blossoms…but would they be so lovely then?

    Peace to you today. Visiting from The Gypsy Mama.

  4. Beautiful shots of delightful people, places, and things in your life. You are blessed.
    I know the – what can you call it – confusion? Unknowingness? you feel … becoming more vulnerable and more transparent and seemingly losing your audience because of their silence. Its good to take a break, even a small one, but urge you to press onward. I believe that we are reaching … that people are touched by our writing and being changed. Sometimes any enlightenment they may receive causes them to look inward.
    Blessings to you as you rest in His peace,

  5. You just HAD to post that sundae, didn’t you?

    I love every one of these photos. Delicious!

    I’m jealous that you have flowers this time of year. And that 4th one looks almost 3D. And that moon. And the water. And those sweet child faces. And the slippers.

    Rest this weekend, my friend. And enjoy. And know that your words sink deep.

    Love you.

  6. I’m finishing my day here, Diana… stopping to savour your words and photos before I head for bed tonight. I don’t always comment, but am always blessed by my visits here. Never question the value of your posts.

    I trust your weekend refreshes you. Be blessed.

  7. My thoughts? Don’t measure the value of your words by the number of responses but by the obedience of your heart. The rest will follow.

    I enjoy your posts and following what God is doing in your life.

  8. Beautiful photos!

    I recognize that … what’s the word? frustration? fear? … from posting your heart, baring your soul and not seeing the responses that let you know you’re not alone.

    I find I have to constantly remind myself that the whole reason I started blogging again was out of obedience, not out of seeking recognition or fame. I feel to write, and to share my experiences.

    But yeah, I definitely notice the lack of comments, the lack of responses sometimes. And then, I have to refocus and get back to this exercise of obedience and keep pouring it out. My hope is that while people may not relate to what I’ve written when I originally write it, they will find it someday and it will minister to them somehow.

    I hope you have a good weekend and find refreshment in the break and rest.

  9. I love your posts, and they always bless me. I don’t reply often, but rest assured….I enjoy everything about your blog. Enjoy your rest; I understand what you are experiencing with your Mom…have been there!