Still Saturday/Sunday – “The Heavens Proclaim..”

“The heavens proclaim the glory of God,
and the firmament shows forth the work
of God’s hands.
Day unto day takes up the story
and night unto night makes known the message.”
Psalm 19:2-3
The Grail Translation
Joining with Deidra at “JumpingTandem” and Sandy at “SandraHeskaKing” for their weekly invitation to quiet worship, Sandy at “Still Saturday,” and Deidra at, “Sunday.”
And re-joining with Katie at “KatieLloydPhotography” for her weekly “Scripture and a Snapshot:”

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  1. Love the scripture as well as your absolutely awesome photo.

    Blessings to you this glorious Sunday.

  2. Oh, Diana! That is breathtaking. So…liquid gold. Thanks for linking. Loving these weekends of inspiration and rest.

    Needing to look up the Grail Translation. Never heard of that. Taking up the story and making known the message. Cool.

  3. I love any references to a story or message….must be the writer in me! This is a beautiful verse and a unique translation that I haven’t heard before. I like it!
    Stoppping by from Sunday.

  4. This is stunning! And The Grail Translation? That’s new to me. A rich translation of this verse.

  5. Such a wonderful photo and translation of that verse, Diana! I’m not familiar with the Grail Translation, so had to look it up to find it is “a Liturgical Psalter”. Beautiful words!

    Sunday blessings to you.

  6. Beautiful photo. And, of course, wonderful Scripture. Nice when they connect so loverly…

  7. Thanks for stopping by, friends!

    This is taken from a small psalter that I bought in the bookshop of the Camaldoli monastery gift shop when we were in Big Sur at the end of 2011. I was introduced to it at the school where I go for training in spiritual direction. That school, and the monastery, are run by Benedictines (different varieties, but still Benedictines) who pray the psalter all day long.

    I’ve enjoyed the wording as I’ve joined in worship at school and am really enjoying it as I read through it on my own, especially as I search for verses and pictures for these lovely memes. I decided I would stick to the psalms almost exclusively for these quiet spots of worship and reading them in a new-to-me version has been really rich. It’s a direct from the Hebrew, inclusive language text published by the Catholic worship press called GIA. It costs about twelve bucks.

  8. Beautiful message and photo.

  9. This just took my breath away! And your words about your husband and stirring the fire … so, so lovely.

  10. Beautiful scripture to go with that amazing photo.. Isn’t God good!!!