31 Days in which I Am Saved by Beauty – Day 21

Sitting in the swing one evening about ten days ago, I noticed a little bit of color creeping onto the western edge of the clouds.
So I took a little look around the sky.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which direction to look,
toward the setting sun,
or toward the hills to the east.

The weather was, as usual, changeable.
Hot sun, followed by blustery wind.
Those two together often create ideal conditions
for a beautiful evening sky.
So looking toward the west allowed lovely silhouettes,

especially these king palms, which are one of my favorite
California trees.
Something about them speaks of pre-history,
quiet grandeur.
They also provide hidden homes for scores of birds,
birds of all kinds and sizes, from
tiny finches to screech owls.

But the view from the backyard?
Well, this particular evening,
it was nothing short of spectacular.

The layers of sky and hill upon hill
took my breath away.

Every once in a while,
I feel like God sends me a telegram.
“Look around!” it says.
“Admire my handiwork.
Enjoy the beauty I have given to you,
and to all humankind.
I Am, indeed.
I Am the Author of all things Beautiful.
And here is a hand-signed copy
of my latest release!”

What can I say?
Only thank you, thank you,

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  1. Yes…yes! He’s STILL the Master craftsman!

    It makes me happy to see how well you appreciate quite l i t e r a l l y the beauty that surrounds you :).

  2. I’m glad it makes you happy, Robin. Sometimes beauty is really obvious, like this sky. Sometimes we have to look a lot harder – but usually, there is a moment, a glimpse. Can’t hide it for long in this life!