31 Days in which I Am Saved by Beauty – Day 5

I saw dolphins today.*

It’s been a while since I’ve seen them.
I think they’ve been holding out on me,
to tell you the truth. 

I don’t quite know why,
but dolphins speak to me of God.
They are graceful,
thoroughly at home in their element,
intelligent, and

And seeing them always makes
my heart beat a little bit faster,
my breath draw in,
my eyes slow down to
find them in the water.

Today they were feeding.
A long school of fish trailed
just behind the buoy markers
as a friend and I ate lunch. 

And two pair of dolphin
wove their way in and around
lifting my heart
at the sight of them. 

Sometimes I am surprised
by how much 
a single glimpse
of something like
make my day. 

I only wish I’d had my camera.

*I spent way too much time today trying to track down a single photo of dolphins. I am SURE I have several – but could I find even ONE? No.

So, please use your imagination.
Sometimes that’s almost better, you know?

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  1. They are beautiful creatures. Sometimes it good to not have your camera so you can truly soak in the moment and not miss anything and then your words can paint an even better picture.

  2. I was happy to just watch yesterday. But I was frustrated not to find some pictures that I KNOW I have somewhere. I’ve got to figure out some additional ways to organize these photos besides date and general folder name!

  3. Love the message in this.

  4. FYI: The brand of my workout swimsuit is Dolphin. It’s indestructible. I’ve seen three other women with the same suit at the place where I swim.

  5. Thanks, Susan. Not entirely sure what the message is, but if you found one, I’m grateful.

  6. LOVE that, Megan. And swimming regularly – fab. Do you use a cap?

  7. Glenda Childers says

    It is good for us to use our imaginations.:)

  8. Yes, Glenda. It is good for us! :>)