Quiet for the Weekend – October 5-7, 20112

“The Spirit of the Lord speaks through me,
his words are upon my tongue.
The God of Israel spoke.
The Rock of Israel said to me:
‘The one who rules righteously,
who rules in the fear of God, 
is like the light of morning at sunrise,
like a morning without clouds,
like the gleaming of the sun
on new grass after rain.'”
from the last words of David,
2 Samuel 23:2-4, NLT

May your Sunday be filled with the Light of Morning,
gleaming like new grass after rain,
 ever aware of God’s loving presence
in the world around you,
and in your heart of hearts.

Joining with Sandy and Deidra,
friends of the heart,
for their weekly invitation to quietness and rest.

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  1. This is beautiful, Diana. I was out yesterday morning, early, photographing grass flowerheads wet with heavy dew…but no mountain peaks like that on our sandy ridge for a background. Love it… and that verse. I pray your Sunday is also filled with that Light of the Morning. God is so good to His people. xox

  2. I adore that photo, Diana.

  3. So peaceful…blessings on your Sabbath.

  4. This picture was actually taken at sunset and I loved the way it turned out. We were at a surprise birthday party for our nephew and were sitting in the backyard of his in-law’s home – this is their view – out over the foothills and avocado groves – none of which you can really see because the sunlight was pretty intense to the west. But I loved the light on this lovely grass at the edge of their property.

  5. Thanks, Megan – I really like it, too.

  6. Thanks, Gayle – and to you as well. Thanks for stopping by.

  7. Diana, I love the “Benediction” at the end. I can almost hear you speaking those words over me. What a beautiful moment to spend here with you today as I worship at home this morning, alone in the quiet for just a few hours till my family returns, healing body, mind and soul. Bless you, dear Diana!

  8. So glad you’re getting some quiet time to enjoy, to worship in, to rest. You are such a strong person – it’s a good thing now and then to slow it down and enjoy the stillness, yes? Thanks for your kind words, friend.

  9. This is exceptionally beautiful in every way. I feel so blessed just being here. Thank you.

  10. Joanne Norton says

    LOVE THE PHOTO!! The Word is good, of course, but the photo just grabbed my heart.

  11. Thank you, Susan. I just loved the light that evening and that grass ( I don’t know its name) is one of my favorites…

  12. Thanks, Joanne. Glad it grabbed you.