Quiet for the Weekend – November 2-4, 2012

 “God spoke: 
‘Lights! Come out! 
Shine in heaven’s sky. 
Separate Day from Night.
Mark seasons, and days and years, 
Lights in Heaven’s skies to give light to Earth.’
And there it was.”
Genesis 1:13-15 (MSG)

As the sunlight caught this golden bough,
I gasped and said, “Thank you!”
I’m grateful for seasons,
even if they’re subtle.
Probably why I love this tree – 
not a subtle thing about it.
(Nor about the sunset that night, either.)

May your weekend be blessed with sunlight,
whether real or imagined, striking or subtle;
may you find time with those you love,
enjoy worship that makes your heart sing,
and stretch out in moments of true rest.

Happily joining with Sandy and Deidra and Cheryl 
(whose badge I cannot manage to capture.)


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  1. Stunning!

  2. Thanks, Sandy. I think I forgot to link up last night! I’ll go out and check.

  3. In words and image, you point to our Creative Creator. He’s so good at what He does. (So are you :). xo

  4. Thanks, Robin – you are always so encouraging – and I appreciate it!! Praying for you in all your decision making these days…