Jump! 5 Minute Friday


 Sitting under the information boards at O’Hare. Everyone else looks as tired and confused as I feel about now.


And the prompt for this week is:





Just sittin’ here, waitin’. I want to jump — yes, I do. In fact, I signed on to jump many months ago — maybe a year ago?? That’s when Deidra invited me to consider coming to Omaha and being a Pastor-in-Residence for a bloggers’ retreat she was dreaming about. And it even had the verb, ‘jump’ in the title!

I thought about it. I prayed about it. I talked to my husband about it. He said, “Sure! Jump!” So, here I am.


I’m not here, yet.

I’m sitting in the bowels of O’Hare airport, waiting for what I hope will be my third-time’s-a-charm flight out. I came out from CA yesterday, flying into Chicago to make the transfer to Omaha.

However, yesterday was one of the biggest thunderstorms on record in these parts and 300 flights were cancelled!

So, I’m not jumping just yet.

Yesterday’s flight went kaplooey, so I hiked out to a hotel (all those near the airport were full – 300 flights, remember?), taxied back this morning to fly into Denver.

DENVER? To go to Omaha??

Yup. And then a tranfer from American to United to get back up to Omaha.


After seating all passengers on the Denver flight, a mechanical malfunction grounded the plane.

Yes, really.

So. A kindly ticket agent searched and hunted. Yesterday, there were NO direct flights to Omaha from Chicago until the weekend. Today, she found me a seat! It required a 5 hour wait — but hey, I’m in one place, the flight is shorter once it takes off, and I will actually get there sooner than if I’d gone to Denver.

So, JUMP! — here I come!


Joining Lisa-Jo’s as I sit and I wait. Such a great community over there – try this prompt business – you’ll like it!
Five Minute Friday

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  1. what a fly-o-rama.
    have a good time.

    • Exactly!! Thanks, Nance – I’m planning on having a good time. But right this minute, I need to got to sleep!

  2. Sounds exhausting before you even get there! Glad you found a quicker route, and will be praying for no more hassles… and lots of smooth flying until you get home again!

    • That pretty much describes my last 36-48 hours, Donna – exhausting before I even got here. BUT I am here, finally settled in my room and ready to hit the hay for a few hours. Sadly, my bag did not make it to Omaha with me. Too many changed flights, I’m guessing. Maybe it’ll show up tomorrow – I’m hoping in that direction! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Sending a hug your way… and a prayer to Jesus to inhabit your words today and tomorrow. Someone there will desperately need to hear them. In spite of the obstacles and challenges… thank you for not quitting, Diana. = )

    • Thanks for the encouragement, Pat. After all the frustrations of the last two days, with cancellations and inconveniences – I have to say that missing my big is the worst piece! But I’m glad to be here and trusting that something I say or do will be grace in someone’s life.

  4. I know you will be grace for many people this weekend. You have been for me.

  5. Oh, Diana! I am so sorry. I agree with Megan…I know you were grace for many {once you got some sleep}. Love and hugs, Patricia

    • Sleep definitely helps almost everything, doesn’t it?? I took it easy today (still waiting for my lost luggage to be found!) but tomorrow, I’m back at it. The weekend was wonderful despite the many snafus that almost derailed my part in it. God is faithful and I am grateful.