It’s Word Candy Time!

Hope your May is going well —
I am a tad later than I wanted to be with
Sweet Greetings for you all,
but here is a favorite quote
with an appropriate and lovely photo.

You need to find this website and have a little fun,
browsing, wrapping, sending sweet messages to
friends and family.

Just click here to go directly to the Word Candy website.
Another fine service from TweetSpeakPoetry. 

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  1. Thank you for the tip about Word Candy; hadn’t heard of it before. Love the sample you chose, too!

    • I post one the first week of every month – it’s such an inventive program and I’m grateful to L.L. Barkat and Lyla Lindquist for their good work at keeping it fresh and inventive. And a whole host of wonderful photographers, too.

  2. This is beautiful Diana. I need to get back to doing this.