5 Minute Friday — Rhythm

It’s been a while. Lisa-Jo’s got such a good thing going with these Friday prompts and I’m trying to make room for doing them more and more often. If you hop over to her blog, you’ll see lots of folks’ 5 minutes of unedited reflection on the prompt for the week.

Five Minute Friday

The prompt for today is — rhythm


Sometime, it feels like we should all be dancing —
all the time.

Everything about this earth of ours is marked
by rhythm of one kind or another —
the seasons,
the years,
the rising and setting of the sun,
the ebb and flow of the tide.

The beat of our hearts,
the changing tempo of our breathing,
the swirling of our thoughts —
how do we keep from tapping our feet?

Why are we so often mired in the monotony of stability?

Don’t get me wrong — there’s nothing wrong with steadiness.
But even steadiness has a beat to it, right?

I sit beneath a slowly circling fan,
listening to a bubbling fountain just outside our bedroom door.
I hear a frog-song,
a bird-song,
the wind soughing through the trees.

And I want to jump and shout,
I want to sway these hips,
these old, child-worn hips,
and swing my partner,
even if that partner is imaginary.

LIFE is rich and good
and sings a siren song of joy-in-the-moment.

Come and dance with me!


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  1. This is beautiful! You’ve helped me remember that every day is beautiful and reason to dance. Thank you!

    (Visiting from FMF.)

  2. “Sometime, it feels like we should all be dancing – all the time.” You are so right. My feet slow too often and I forget to listen for the simple rhythms that are often far more beautiful than the ones society tries to craft. Thanks for this reminder! A moment of beauty in my day.

  3. Dear beautiful Diana
    Oh, our Lord has created everything in such a way that every creature has its own song to sing; yet all on the same rhythm of His love in perfect harmony. It seems that it is only humans who do not always know where we are supposed to fit in and therefore are at times a terrible false note in the symphony of Life!
    Much love XX

  4. Oh, yes, Diana, I’ll dance with you! Actually I’ve been dancing a lot this week with our almost-four-months old granddaughter. It’s such fun to see the wonder on her face as she studies flowers, birds, or running water. Joy-in-the-moment doesn’t get any better than this! Life IS rich and good. Thank you for capturing the joy in your words.

    • Babies are the BEST for dancing! And for reminders of the things that truly matter in this life. Always glad to see you, Nancy.

  5. What a wonderful reminder to be sensitive to the universal song and savour the joy of each precious moment of our days. Thankfully, dancing isn’t limited by physical ability or agility, as we can all learn to dance inwardly in heart and spirit, no matter what our circumstances. A lovely poetic reflection, Diana, and gorgeous photos! Thank you 🙂 xx

  6. I think steadiness does have a rhythm to it–the rhythm of a heartbeat.