31 Days of Giving Permission . . . to LET LOOSE

31 days of giving permission 200x130

Some days just cry out for a little drama.
A little laughter, a little (or a lot) of silliness,
a willingness to let go of. . .

Because, you know what?


No matter how long your life may be,
it is, in the scheme of things,

And at places along the way,
it’s really important
to let loose of all that constrains us,
to ignore expectations,
to sink into our humanity
with abandon and relief.

We don’t have the answers to
life’s hard questions.
We don’t know what’s coming tomorrow.
We can’t ‘fix’ anyone,
even though we might,
on occasion, be helpful and empathetic.

we can’t even fix ourselves, can we?

So every once in a while,
letting loose
helps us to remember all these truths,
and laugh in the face of them.

May you find the space to let loose today, friends. 

I believe it is pleasing to God when we 
let go of our ever-lovin’ need to be
in control,

We are creatures, after all.
And some days, it is good to relax into that wonderful truth. 

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  1. Those girls are the cutest things! And beautiful reminders to not take life so seriously. (So tomorrow, how about a pix of you in those ears?)

    • You know, when my dad retired after nearly 40 years as a junior college prof and counselor, I wore a funny headpiece to give my tribute. I did it because I knew those folks rarely, if ever, saw my amazing dad’s wacky side. And he had one – very dry wit, very taciturn man, but funny, funny, funny. My mom – as you probably have already surmised – was also a fun person and had a great laugh/smile.

  2. Absolutely true Diana. I am really enjoying this series. Love your wisdom and wit!

  3. Oh, yes! Gotta let loose with laughter–often. Last night we had a friend visiting from out of town. At dinner (in a restaurant) he told an uproarious story, at his own expense. Our laughter was not limited to one guffaw at the end either. From beginning to end of his embarrassing confession, we had great difficulty keeping the volume of our giggles at acceptable levels. It felt GREAT! Laughter IS powerful medicine!

    But you’re right, Diana. We can’t just wait for humor to happen. We have to help it along sometimes…So, where did you get the rabbit ears?!

    • The rabbit ears were from a craft store, I think Or maybe CVS?? I also have several sets of reindeer antlers for various and sundry grandkids to wear at Christmas festivities. I’ve been known to don a pair myself, once in a while. :>)

  4. Letting loose and general silliness has very quickly become a tradition of family nights at our place. We have done all sorts of peculiar things, including a competition to see who could do the most forward rolls down our hallway (yes, parents included!). It is good – VERY good – to laugh and let go of the shoulds and oughts and just enjoy being together as people.