A Back-to-School Blessing

I have so enjoyed reading a variety of back-to-school blessings offered from moms to kids as September unfolds. But in our house, we are long past back-to-school. Or are we? Apparently, not quite. My husband has volunteered at our youngest granddaughter’s preschool since she started there, two years ago. This is her last year and Dick will be working with our favorite teacher, an exquisitely gifted woman named Miss Annie, for two mornings each and very week from now until June. So this blessing is for him.DSC01623

Again, the excitement building.  . . 

Almost forgotten, but not quite.

It’s been a lotta years since the last of our own flew this nest,

but here we are, feeling that back-to-school fervor.

And how sweet it is!


So I offer these few words,

from my heart to yours,

as you step into the first week of pre-school

for the third and last time.


May you, my sweet husband, be blessed by this September

and the year that it portends.

May you be blessed by each smiling face,

by every resident of Room 3 who calls you ‘Poppy,’

(because you are Poppy to one of them),

by every colleague who invites you and your gifts

to come and play,

come and learn,

come and grow.


What a gift you are!

To me, yes. The best of my life.

To our children, yes. They saw you live what you believe

each day for all those years

we were in the same space together.

And most definitely by our grandchildren,

every one of whom rises up to called you ‘blessed.’


Never forget that you are one of the good guys,

one of the truly remarkable humans who

instinctively knows how to please a pre-schooler,

to encourage and accompany and invite

and truly, deeply love and understand.

You get this gig,

like few people I’ve known in my life,

you get it.


So, as you begin a new year,

so eager to jump in and watch these kids blossom,

may you be blessed with

kindness unmeasured,

grace overflowing,

wisdom beyond your years,

energy to survive, even thrive,

and an open, honest heart.


More than these — because these blessings —

(let’s be honest here)

you already enjoy and exhibit —

I also pray for you these:

moments of wonder,

words of love,

sticky arms around your neck,

monkey bar shenanigans,

building block triumphs,

craft projects you can actually do (!!),

and sign upon sign that what you do,

what you say,

and who you are,

make a difference in Room 3.

Because they make a difference right here,

in our room, and in my heart.


I love you,

and I thank God for you.

Now, go get ’em!

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  1. What a wonderful ‘Poppy’ who is shared with Room 3. !!

  2. Oh, yes! As one who also works with children, I think your words to your husband are just wonderful!

  3. Diana, that is just lovely! Speaking as one whose kids have been without a grandpa to play with for a long time, he will be such a blessing to those kids – particularly those who don’t have dads or grandads available to them. Dick, you rock!
    Oh, and I LOVE that photo!

    • There is nothing quite like a good grandfather – and our kids have had the best. Now these kids at the YMCA pre-school get to benefit from his gifts, too, and that is lovely.

  4. Such September sweetness.


  5. Oh WOW!

    And you know what? You get this gig. This word thing. You really get it!

  6. Loving this. so few Poppies realize the joy of this. :))))

  7. What a beautiful prayer, Diana, for a very noble, block-building, craft-making man! As a former teacher who enjoyed twenty-six years in the classroom, I can attest to those moments of wonder and words of love that warm the heart nearly every day. No doubt he will be blessed with the same!

  8. I love this. Beautiful and heartfelt.

  9. Oh, Diana, what wonderful blessings poured out upon your husband! As a former teacher, I can truly relate to the need children have, both younger and older, to have a father/grandfather figure in the classroom. They simply blossom and flourish! May your husband’s last year in the preschool classroom shine with God’s love and light.

  10. What gifts…the blessing, the writer of the blessing, the Giver of the blessing, and the one who the blessing has fallen upon…love.

  11. This makes me cry. So dear and precious. Thank you for honoring him.

    • It’s a privilege for me to tell others about this piece of my amazing husband’s life. I find it utterly worth celebrating, that’s for sure. Thanks for the words – and the tears, Tonia.