31 Days of Looking for the Little: A Single Tree

DSC01079 butterfly beach

If you’ve read anything in this space, you know that I love trees. All kinds of trees. Great gobs of trees.

But I also have a deep fondness for stand-alone trees. Just one, out there by its lonesome, looking majestic and powerful. No, trees are not ‘little,’ but somehow a single tree falls on the ‘little’ end of the tree-scale in my mind.

This one is a particular favorite of mine. It’s a Monterey cypress tree, and it hangs over one of my favorite places, Butterfly Beach. These trees have become almost iconic in California, adorning the 17-mile drive in Monterey and showing up along the coast in lots of different places. To say nothing of the great numbers of them that are used in landscaping around all the Spanish revival homes in this area.

They are not perfect, but then who of us is? They get brittle as they age and have this nasty tendency to drop their large branches on parked cars, garages, or people who might be in the wrong place at the wrong time. 

But they are beautiful and haunting, aren’t they? They may be solitary, but they still provide shade, a lovely profile and a welcoming home to lots of different kinds of birds. I like that in a tree — and in a person, too. 

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  1. I, too, love trees. Our home is situated in a forest, and I thank God every day for the beauty which surrounds me.
    Blessings, Diana!

  2. I’m really enjoying these “little” posts!

  3. I love that Jesus says the kingdom of God is like the seed that grows into a tree where birds of the air build their nests. I also love lone trees. There are some beautiful ones near here standing way out in the middle of cornfields, places for the farmers of old to tie their horses and break for a meal, I love that those trees were places of rest and I look forward to the cutting of the corn when the trees will stand out so clearly against the winter landscape. Yes, I also am a lover of trees.

  4. I have my own willow tree at the lake – except I meet people around town who say it’s their willow tree too. fortunately most of the time we dont’ show up at the same time! It’s one of my scared spaces. i love it in all seasons, just don’t sit there much in winter!
    I too am enjoying your little post.

    • Yup, that’s how it works. That tree up above is ‘my’ tree when I’m there, but it’s everyone’s tree who loves this beach. Everyone remarks on it’s beauty. Thanks for chiming in, Carol.

  5. LOVED … your last line.


  6. My favorite piece of art I own is a photograph taken in Kenya. It’s one lone tree, all off to the side. In front of it, a herd of wildebeest. Behind it, the entire sky is a rainbow–the whole ROYGBIV.

    • Sounds like a beautiful picture! I saw lots of those lone trees, in all kinds of interesting shapes and sizes, when we lived in Africa. Thanks for reminding me of that, Megan.