31 Days of Looking for the Little: Memories

IMG_0146 family xmas pic

This picture is about 35 years old. And it’s a fun example of one of my very favorite ‘little’ things of all: photographs. We have hired one of our grandsons to slowly scan all of our old photos (and believe me, this is a BIG job). And it’s been both fun and frightening to look back over the years.

I’m astounded at some of the things I wore over the last 50 years or so! And I’m saddened to remember how heavy I’ve been at different times of my life. Such a burden for me and for everyone who loves me. 

But mostly, I’m delighted to take a walk down memory lane. This was the only professional photo we ever took with our three children. They were about 12, 10 and 8, I think, and the photographer liked this picture so much, he had a huge copy of it in his window for a couple of years.

Those were good years. I’m not sure I knew that at the time, but I hope I did! Little things like photos can make a big difference in my life, helping me to recall past events, milestones, places we’ve seen. 

I had a very artistic friend once who told me that she didn’t believe in photos. She felt that the camera got in the way of actually enjoying the experience, whatever it might be. I gasped. To me, that statement was almost sacrilegious! Photos of all kinds are one of my greatest links with the past. Not only my own past, but my parents’ and inlaws’ past, too.

What do you think about photos? Are they important to you or can you get along without them?

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  1. Pictures are really important to me and for 25 years I also helped others create their own books of memories. I am retired now, but it still is important to me. I have done family albums over the years, filled with pictures and writing to go with the photos. Since we started our “grown up” family vacations with grandkids, I have created a book of memories of our time together. Now that I can do digital books each year and can print a copy for each family. I know at some point these years of family gatherings will change with the grandkids growing and going off in different directions, but we have these family vacations recorded. those weekends started in 2004. I believe it helps give a sense of family.

    and yeah, i kind of cringe at some of the old pics, and the kids give me a hard time of their own dress/haircuts. I remind them they were “in” at the time and so was I…come on, those biiiig glasses were the rage then. I was stylish, thank you very much!

    enjoyed your post.

    • What a great ministry, Carol – to help create memory books with people. And yes, the old pictures are often cringe-worthy. But somehow, that adds to their appeal (at least, sometimes!)

  2. Beth Werner Lee says

    Photos are important and I’m so glad my daughter and I took a photography class together when she was n 7th grade. It didn’t seem like work and it was so helpful!

    But this summer we walked through the Vatican taking pictures all the way because really, the pace you had to go was too fast and the beauty was too abundant so you snap a photo hoping you can sit with it later. The Cistine chapel was the one exception, no photos allowed so people linger too, and we did.

    But then shortly after we returned I read an article by an artist that said to put away your camera and get out your sketchbook and I followed the argument. It was a good reminder to slow and interact more with the beauty. So our second trip this summer, to Charleston, we bought sketchbooks and went to a painting class at the nearby Michaels. Sure, we took pictures there too, and I’ve started to paint one of them…

    I’m thankful for the artistic friend (yours and mine), only I would say to you, Diana,

    Photography is your artistic medium: please don’t quit, ever!

  3. Coincidentally, I’ve been spending a lot of time lately going through old photographs of family. I can’t imagine NOT having these as they bring back volumes of wonderful memories. Thank you for sharing yours!