31 Days of Looking for the Little: Pelicans

DSC02107 pelicans

I am fascinated by pelicans. Though they are large by bird standards, in the scheme of all the things, from humungous to tiny, I’d have to say that they’re on the little side, wouldn’t you?

First of all, they are silent. Did you know that? Apparently there is no room in that generous beak/throat of theirs for a noise-making mechanism of any kind. Then, there is what they look like — almost prehistoric in their outline, like some fossils I’ve seen in pictures. 

What I really admire is their grace, and their incredible diving ability. They usually hang out with friends, often making a silent, long line like the one in the picture. And when I see them flying up or down the coastline, I always breathe a little more rapidly and begin thanking God for this visitation.

When I’m at the beach, I’m on the lookout for birds, especially for these strangely beautiful creatures. Pelicans are reputed to feed their young with their own blood during times of famine and distress, pecking at their breasts until blood flows and then feeding it to their chicks. The early Christian church often used pictures of pelicans in churches and in other art work.


Because such sacrificial life-giving spoke of Jesus to them.

I knew there was something special about these birds!

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  1. Oh, I didn’t know that about pelicans! I can see why the early church identified strongly with these wonderful birds.
    Blessings, Diana!

  2. Donna Baker says

    I love to watch the pelicans dive. A kind of clumsy, full out, drop-from-the-sky, tangled up mess. They look suicidal but usually come up with a fish (!) My grandmother would have said “pretty is as pretty does” 🙂
    Donna Baker

    • I love to watch them, too. Though I don’t find them particularly clumsy – they’re awkward looking creatures to begin with, but somehow they overcome that when they dive – at least to me.

  3. They are amazing birds. I’ve never forgotten the first one I saw and each one since has been a thrill. Thanks for sharing this information about their voice or rather a lack of one.