31 Days of Looking for the Little: Serendipity


Because we are traveling the last half of this month, I’m working way ahead on these October posts. And it’s been so much fun! 

We’ve been experiencing a particularly harsh heat wave here in southern and central California as I write, and sleep is sometimes difficult. The French doors in our bedroom face east, and they are usually closed with blackout shades in place. But because of the heat, we kept one door open all night last night, and the light streaming in woke me earlier than usual.

I am not a morning person. Let me repeat that. I am NOT a morning person. But every once in a while, I get a glimpse into why it might be a good thing to be one. 

When I grudgingly cracked open my eyes today, this is what I saw. The rising sun coloring the clouds, silhouetting the trees behind our home. 

It was just a minute or two — sunrises never last as long as sunsets — but it was pure glory all the while. A small moment of serendipity, wouldn’t you say?

Maybe I could get used to this early morning routine. . .


Just Wondering

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  1. Beautiful sunrise capture, Diana! I used to think I was a morning person, and I will get up to see a sunrise which is promised to be spectacular, but I’ve found, since I stopped working outside the home, I take longer to “wake up” and get going. Ironically, I do my best writing in the afternoons between 1 and 5. The mornings are for coffee (cannot survive without it!), gym, and chores around the house.
    May serendipitous moments abound in our lives!
    Blessings to you!

  2. I’m finally back to blogging and trying to catch up a bit, Diana. I’m with you. I long to see the gorgeous sunrises and walk in the early morning freshness others talk about – but ever since we retired I’ve gotten very fond of sleeping a bit later 🙂

    • Right there with ya, Linda. 🙂 And I am SO glad you’re back to blogging. I hope you’ll make your blog subscribeable! I’ll watch FB for posts until then.