31-Days of Looking for the Little: Shorebirds


There was a huge cruise ship in our harbor when I took my walk this morning. HUGE. But what caught my eye were these little guys.

They were skittering and scattering all along the wet sand just below the sidewalk, digging their slender beaks deep into the sand, in search of breakfast, I imagine. 

And I stopped to think about breakfast on that cruise ship compared to the food those stork-beaks would bring up. They know exactly what they need, those birds. And they go after it with everything they’ve got. No piles of bacon and pancakes, scrambled eggs and hash brown — no sirree. 

Just what they need, thanks. That’s all, no more.

Sometimes I think I lose touch with what I need. I buy into the worldview that says, “You can never have enough, so go for it all.” Maybe it’s time to slow down a little bit, to savor what’s necessary, what’s good, what’s helpful and nourishing and sustaining. 

What do you think?

Just Wondering

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  1. I was just reading this morning of God’s provision of manna everyday for 40 years. It puts things in perspective, focusing on what we need. Thanks for sharing this Diana. Always appreciate your heartfelt words.

    • And we heard that passage in church a week or so ago, too. It was probably on my mind as I was thinking about this series, to tell the truth! Thanks so much for reading, Eva. Your kindness is appreciated.

  2. We’ve never had to limit our diet in the first world. We’re so saturated with choices that sometimes we can’t make a choice from so many. (You’d need guess I was food shopping this morning 😉 Great pondering Diana.

    • You speak truth here, Sandy! And it applies to all kinds of other categories, too – not just food. Thanks for your encouragement, my friend.

  3. A wonderful reminder to be satisfied with a God who meets our needs, and to prayerfully consider whether our wants hold any merit in the long run. It’s good to “live simply so others may simply live.”
    Blessings, Diana!

  4. My hubby and I were on one of those huge cruise ships early in June (the very one that appeared in the distance in one of your photos last spring) and in addition to the over-the-top luxury, the never-ending abundance of elaborately served food was unsettling. It was lovely to be pampered on our special occasion, but it was also hard realizing that the hungry of the world would be ecstatic over just the discarded scraps. Such disparity in our world! I tend to eat less as I age…nutritious but simple meals…and I rarely bake any more, but it’s just what I prefer, not that I’m consciously trying to cut back. I should be more conscious about my choices and more thankful for God’s provisions. It’s too easy to take it all for granted. 🙁

    • And you didn’t even wave when you went by?? I hope it was a good trip, Carol. We have enjoyed two experiences on a large cruise ship and I often felt overwhelmed by all.the.food. Yes, special occasions are fun, but so much?? I’ve been intentionally eating a lot less since about a month before my surgery and I’m enjoying it more than I thought I would.

  5. I think you’re right, Diana. We took our walk in the mall yesterday (It’s still so hot here in Texas), and I thought about how looking at all those lovely displays makes me want things I never would have even thought about had I not seen them. It’s far too easy to become discontented, even when we have everything we need. A good lesson – those little birds:)

  6. I notice the exquisite colored “crystals” on the water. Did you actually see it, or does it just show up in the picture. this fascinates me. My girlfriend just showed me a video of the one time she saw that. Do you know what makes that?

    And I loved the little birds going after what they really need.

    • Yes, I actually see those sparkles. In fact, they will show up again on a later post in this series. I love looking at them – one of my favorite things about the beach on a sunny day.