31 Days of Looking for the Little: Surprises

DSC02769 pepper berries

I volunteered to be a spiritual director for some faculty and staff from a nearby college who were on a one-day retreat near where I live. I was both anxious and excited about this opportunity to listen to people I did not know and prayerfully see where God might be moving in their lives.

Because my recovery from foot surgery is still progressing, I was also nervous about the grounds of this retreat site. We would be meeting outdoors and I still have some difficulty navigating uneven ground.

When I got there, I soon saw that there was a small, concrete patio behind the retreat house, already waiting with two chairs and a small table. Perfect! Thank you, Lord.

One of the things I’ve been learning throughout this long recovery is that I must carefully steward my energies and stamina. So I signed up for two directees, in the mid morning slots. About six slots were available and I chose just those two.

Between my two sessions, I sat back in my chair and tried to breathe deeply and release all the pent-up anxiety in my body. And I began to look around this small space. Just to my left, I caught this glimpse of a pepper tree, berries in full bloom.

Something about those small red berries, hanging so beautifully amid the feathery pepper greenery brought such sweetness to my heart. I find them quite lovely and am always surprised when I discover a tree in bloom with them. Clearly, it doesn’t take much to make me smile. Just a serendipitous reminder that God’s good work of creation is ongoing and lovely. It’s the little things, you know?

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  1. It surely is the little things. It’s almost as if they are saying “God delights in delighting you!” That’s usually how I feel when I run across an unexpected treasure.

  2. Cindy Hallman says

    My mom and dad recently moved to a senior retirement facility. We are working on making it home for them. So far, so good. Well, my mom wanted some distinctive treasures by the doorway to their new home, things that are welcoming. She mentioned that a big planter of mums sure would be pretty. She’d spotted some gorgeous, great priced ones at Costco. Missing a bargain at Costco can be tough! Other large containers of mums are horribly overpriced and many are just not blooming. So, I’m on the lookout. I find one of those by the road places that just sells mums. All sizes, but not in bloom. Fantastic prices. I figure the greenery is nice and that they will bloom with a little more time in the sun. However, the nice lady tells me a la buyer beware that my mom may just end up with a pot of buds. Two weeks later and we see those mums every time you come and go. Guess what? They are bright yellow gold big ol’ blooms that sing out Fall and Thanksgiving. I smile when I see them, inside and outside. I’ve taken to wondering how many things like that are all around me. I need to slow down and look to the side like you did. Peppers and mums and ______, oh my!

  3. It’s always in the little things . . . 🙂
    Blessings, Diana!