31 Days of Aging Gracefully: Day 15 — Dancing (at least on the inside!) Through the Days


I mean, really. Have you ever seen such gorgeous color in your life???

Our days are marked by moments. Moments that often bring us glimpses of glory . . . if we have eyes to see — and feet to dance! (at least in our spirits, right? I’ve written before about how dancing is a thing of the past for me, but the spirit of dancing is available, always. Always.)


So today’s post is a compilation of some of my dancing moments over the past eight weeks since our move to this house. Yes, there have most certainly been moments of a different kind. Tired, cranky, worried moments. But these dancing ones? They’re the ones I want to remember, to hang onto, to breathe in like oxygen. Because that is exactly what they are. Sailboats just before sunset will certainly make me breathe more deeply.


Worship is a dancing moment for me, especially on Communion Sunday. I might even move my feet or my hips (very carefully) if the beat is uptempo.


A largish angel from my collection didn’t fit indoors, so my eldest daughter calmly walked her outside and put her in the birdbath. And I LOVE IT. Every time I look at it, I smile.


A beautiful succulent flower, new to me, seen on a morning walk.


One of the bunny family that share our backyard – sitting calmly while we were eating dinner.


And stretching up to nibble on the low hedge of ceanothus that borders our fence.


A gasp-worthy reflection in a neighborhood pool on a walk one morning.


Early morning cruise ship viewing.


Five-year-olds playing soccer.


An evening view from the dinner table.

A California icon, rising upward against the morning fog.


Egrets in flight.


A great blue heron stalking lunch.


A hummer circling round the feeder.

DSC05234The super moon, the night before.

These guys, playing cards on our back patio after dinner.


And these blurry feet – so precious to me and so small next to my honkers.

Yes these are things that make me dance inside. What about you? What lifts your spirits and makes your muscle memory think of dancing?

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  1. Yes to this:”the spirit of dancing is available, always. Always.” and to those glorious photographs! They make my heart sing, never mind dance. Such beauty on your doorstep and within your family. Such gifts of grace. And my spirits are always, always lifted from seeing sights like this and similar ones in my own less colourful world. My muscle memory has reminders of days when my younger hippy self danced unashamedly in a public place (or two) and the unrestrained joy I felt then is still with me now when I think about it. I’m not a great dancer by any means and these slowing down days find me doing my dancing on the inside to the rhythms of God’s grace more than jigging my feet to the beat! Thanks, Diana, you do my soul good. 🙂 x