31 Days of Aging Gracefully: Day 27 — Enjoying Family



Birthdays are a great excuse to get together with family, don’t you think? Our oldest granddaughter turned ten this week and she picked the restaurant for a fun dinner out with both sets of grandparents.


Earlier in the month, we celebrated with these two — one turning 17, the other 10. 

We’ve also started something new this fall — SOCCER, with our youngest grandgirl. So most Saturdays, we’re there, on the sidelines, trying to be encouraging as five 5-year-olds figure out what to do with their feet on a 1/4 sized field. They’re so dang cute!


All but one of our eight were here at our new home to celebrate those two guys’ birthdays and I caught them all, just as the sun went down. I love the bare feet and silly grins. Each one is unique, each one is remarkable, each one is lovely, interesting, quirky. Maybe most important, they are all kind — to each other and to the adults in their lives, too. It’s a joy to be with them and we plan to take every opportunity offered to us to be together. The older two are moving out into full-on adulthood now, beginning relationships, jobs, making choices that could foreseeably impact them for several decades, if not the rest of their lives. Not sure how long we’ll be welcomed into their journey, but we want to be open and ready for whatever invitation might arise.


And, of course, central to all the rest of those family connections is this one — the one that started it all. And we want to pay attention to that relationship, too. Sometimes that gets harder to do as we age. We’re used to each other, sometimes stuck in ruts, not as likely to take risks or venture out into the new and different. But we’re workin’ on it. At our advanced ages, you do have to exercise a little caution, though, right??? Well, yeah. A little. Smile.

How are you enjoying your family these days? Is it easy to do or a challenge? 

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  1. Your family is beautiful, Diana. And, yes, to that last bit. You inspire me to pay attention to my marriage and all the little things that make a beautiful life.

    • Thank you, Laura. Sometimes our marriages can get lost in the shuffle of all the rest of life. Ours has morphed a lot over these years — there is always more to learn, more good work to do.

  2. Nothing better than getting together with family, Diana. Love your tribe! 🙂

  3. It is nice to see your family.

  4. We just returned from a visit to our daughter and her family, seven states away. Tonight we have a dinner date with our older son and his wife. Younger son and his wife come for an overnight visit next week. Yes, indeed: family time is the best. I revel in intimate sharing with just a few at a time, but also the louder, more boisterous gatherings when all ten of us can be together. And I praise God that we get along so well. There’s much camaraderie among us, very little challenge! Enjoyed greatly a “visit” with your family through narrative and pics, Diana.

    • I like both kinds of togetherness, too, Nancy – one family at a time or the whole bunch of ’em at once! So glad you’ve had good time with each of your kids in recent days.