31 Days of Aging Gracefully: Day 31 — Choosing Life


You know what? I’m not dead yet!

So as long as I breathe earth’s air, I want to LIVE life as fully and joyfully as I can. I want to enjoy the view from our new house for as many years as the Lord may grant.


I want to watch those waves swell . . .


. . . and crash!


I want to walk on the flat, hard sand at low tide; 


I want to relish the sunset from our backyard;


and I want to celebrate the sunrise on my morning walk.


I want to take thousands of panorama shots of the Pacific Ocean from my favorite bluffside stop.


I want to worship God in our glorious sanctuary, a building I actually had something to do with building, and which brings joy to us all every time we’re there.


I want to worship with our community, to push against one another when we need to, and to learn from one another always.


I want to welcome others to our home, to say ‘come in and set a spell,’ to order food out when I can no longer cook, and to offer a place of respite and quiet in the midst of life’s noise.


I want to enjoy fresh cut flowers and bright colors.


And good food, beautifully presented — some of it made by me, more of it made by others.


I want to celebrate the indoor-outdoor way of life that central California offers us each and every day.


I want to bird-watch and learn more about living well, living obediently, becoming who I am without worry or shame. (Ever see an embarrassed bird??)


And maybe most of all, I want to celebrate the gift of family – my cousins as often as we can manage it.


My mama, as long as she breathes — and sweet memories when she’s gone.

My husband, who is most fully himself when he’s helping someone else, or filling in for a missing shepherd or two!


IMG_7122 all 16 thanksgiving 2015

I want to continue to thank God each and every day for each and every one of these people, gifts to me and to my husband and to the world. 

I want to keep right on choosing LIFE! And then I want to step into new life, when God invites me there.

Thanks so much for reading along on this L O N G journey through the 31 days of October. Some of you have been immensely faithful and encouraging and I am so very grateful!

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  1. I have one word to say , “Beautiful”.
    Love you

  2. Thank you friend. I so enjoyed these posts these 31 Days. Congrats on a job well done and a beautiful wrap up post. Enjoy living this day and may every day you live be full of life!

  3. “I want to keep right on choosing LIFE! And then I want to step into new life, when God invites me there.”

    I love all of this and especially these last few sentences. Lovely. it’s what I want too.

  4. Tearing up with gratitude at the beauty of these pictures and of your spirit! Oh Diana, you did it, 31 days, and did well.
    I also received a video this morning of evening on the Holy Island of Lindisfarne (East coast of England below Scotland) which I’d love to show you, but it’s on FaceBook and I’m not sure how to share. Same spirit of joy and hope.
    Happy Reformation day!

    • Thanks so much, Beth. I’ll look at your page on FB and see if I can find it there. Dick and I visited Lindisfarne on our 25th anniversary trip to England/Scotland/Wales – LOVED IT.

  5. I knew this day would come. The last of our 31 days of graceful living. I wanted it to go on everyday. This offering of yours has been my quiet time blessing for 31 days. Sometimes on the porch, or in my prayer chair, or in a crowded room waiting to see a doctor. Each day, I leave refreshed, encouraged, reminded. And I am stronger. One line in this last day will be my goal: “I want to bird-watch and learn more about living well, living obediently, becoming who I am without worry or shame. (Ever see an embarrassed bird??)”
    Thank you, sweet friend, from a much older pilgrim who attests to the truth you write.

    • Thank you so much, Liz. And I’m grateful that you found these words helpful to you each day. And you’re not much older, Liz. You’re NOT.

  6. Thank you for these wonderful posts; I’ve read along while doing a lot of traveling. I appreciate your views on life (and aging) very much. And I love your new home 🙂

    Thanks for sharing it all with us, and God bless.

    • Well, my commenting system went wacko! The response in Martha’s box was meant for you, Susan. So I’ll respond to Martha here == thanks for coming along on this journey, Martha, and for all the words of encouragement along the way.

  7. Thank you for taking us on this marvelous journey with you, Diana. I enjoyed every moment!

  8. Your 31 Days did not disappoint. I needed to hear the subjects covered just the way you did. Thank-you so much.

  9. Beautifully written words, and lovely photos too! I shall LIVE until I leave this earth.