31 Days of Paying Attention — Day Twenty-Three


And then, it was my turn to point to something as we walked in the gardens of the Natural History Museum during that poetry workshop last month. I went immediately to this potted plant, which was drawing both humming birds and bees to its blooms. I was attracted to its vibrant color first of all — if you haven’t figured this out already, I happen to love clear, bright colors. It sparkled in the sunlight of the late afternoon and I could see why the hummers and the bees found it appealing.

But as I stared at it for a minute, and waited for the words to come, the metaphor to take shape, I was struck by this particular bloom, which was more than half gone. So am I. That is both a hard truth to acknowledge and a lovely piece of truth. My journey is more than half done. 

But there are parts of this half-done plant that are still vibrant, colorful, and attractive to God’s creatures. Yeah, that’s what I want to be, please God. That’s what I want to be:

magenta bracts
gray-green leaves
reaching every which way
all in place —
hanging on,
hanging on.


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  1. May we all be vibrant and colorful for God’s glory until the end!
    Blessings, Diana!

  2. Elaine Byer Reed says

    Diana, I just love your optimistic, open, appreciative ability to see God and his creation.

  3. Margie Bicknell says

    Oh, Diana, you will never grow old….
    There are days when noticing my age is like that beautiful flowering plant you saw….vibrant and still humming along. And yet, I am closer to the Jordan side of my life. And I still have so much I want to do!
    We all need to continue to grow, life demands it, and retirement isn’t in God’s vernacular.
    Blessings, Diana.