31 Days of 5 Minute Prompts: Day Five — TRUST


Ah, yes. Trust. 

An ongoing challenge for me. How about you?

Will I trust that, ‘all shall be well, all shall be well, all manner of thing shall be well?’ no matter what is happening around me and around the world? Or will I allow myself to spiral down, in unending cycles of worry, frustration, anger and angst? 

It comes back, of course, to trusting in the goodness of God, despite what might appear to be evidence to the contrary. It comes back to trusting in the people I love, to be there when I need them to be there. It comes back to trusting myself, and all that I’ve learned over this long life of mine. It comes back to trust when the crunch times hit. 

And, of course, the crunch times hit on a regular basis, don’t they?

Why, yes. Yes, they do.

Will I remember to use the tools I’ve gathered around me when anxiety builds and hope disappears? Will I remember the words of scripture, the prayers I’ve memorized, the breathing and exercise that have helped me learn to center myself in goodness rather than fear? 

Sometimes yes, sometimes  . . . not so much. But I’m learning. I’m growing, even though slowly. Even though aged and tired and saddened by so much of what I see and experience in this crazy world of ours. 

Even so.

I will trust. I will lean. I will let go.

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  1. “I will trust. I will lean. I will let go.”
    Amen, Diana, amen!

  2. I’m nodding my head in agreement here, Diana, to the question of, “Will I remember to use the tools I’ve gathered around me when anxiety builds and hope disappears?” Sometimes yes, sometimes no for me too. But I have noticed improvement as time goes on. I catch myself sooner from slipping into the cesspool of negativity, worry, and fear. I’m quicker to start praying, recite a scripture, or sing a song. But there is still room for improvement. With you (and Martha above!) I want to trust, lean, and let go–immediately and consistently.

    • One of the advantages of aging, I guess! I sure hope so, because it’s pretty slim pickin’s for advantages these days! :>)

  3. We’re still recovering from Hurricane Irma in my part of the world. Recovery is slow, and many of us are storm weary. We’re tired of conversations about things like debris, FEMA, contaminated wells, etc. But recently we’ve also been talking about our response–from preparation and evacuations to this point in our recovery. And one of the questions our Bible study members has been asking is, “How and where were we able, or not able, to trust that God would be with us and meet our needs?”

    • That is a great question to ask, and I imagine the answers will vary quite a bit. Maybe, if you listen carefully, and compile the responses, you’ll discover that together, you trusted just about enough.