31 Days of 5-Minute Prompts: Day Two: TELL


What story do these blooms tell? A wedding story, I believe. Hopefully, a happy one, presaging a long and fruitful life together. They showed up in our sanctuary one Sunday morning, after the big event the previous afternoon. Their beauty struck me, all the way in my back row seat, and I simply had to go forward and view them more closely.

Aren’t they lovely? Subtle shades and variations, differing textures and sizes, some round, some spiky — all of them testimony to the glorious diversity of floral beauty so easily available to us. I used to work with flowers. I began with my eldest daughter’s wedding in 1987 and closed up my small shop after my middle girl’s big day in 1994. Enough was enough. By then I had completed my seminary degree and was working through the hoops for ordination while pastoring in my home church. Within two years, I would move 100+ miles away and begin a new life, a new career, find a new home and build a new community. I was more than happy to let others work with flowers in this new place and to appreciate their beauty whenever they showed up in our altar arrangement. 

This one caught my eye and caused me to stop and ponder — again — the healing, comforting, encouraging power of beauty in this world.

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  1. The flowers are absolutely gorgeous! I would have had to get a better look at them, too.
    Blessings, Diana!

  2. Praise God for such glorious sights as those flowers. Stunning. And you’re right: They remind us of the power of beauty in this world, which he has provided and ordained to offer healing, comfort, and encouragement. What a gracious God he is!

  3. Gorgeous! I didn’t know you were a florist. How delightful. I admire that gift — it’s one I clearly don’t have. I can almost smell the aroma of a florist shop just thinking about it. Have you read the novel, “The Language of Flowers” by Vanessa Diffenbaugh?

    • I have not – I’ll add it to my list! It was fun for the first six years, then it got to be a burden. By the time Joy was married, I was exhausted and I really, REALLY overdid it for her wedding. It was lovely, but too much.