Family Portraits


My mother, her sister Eileen, her brother Harold at ages 90, 87 and 88.5 respectively. Taken in the spring of 2012.

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A while back, the fine folks at The High Calling invited the community to write about people from their childhood who had  influenced them, either positively or negatively.

I wrote a piece about my Aunt Eileen and really enjoyed the challenge of keeping it to about 500 words, using lots of description and thinking through how she had influenced me when I was a kid.

That led to making a list of over a dozen family members who were an important part of my own formation as a person.

Slowly, I’m adding to the collection – writing down that list – still trying to follow the original guidelines.

And there is a method to this madness – I want to get some of this stuff down in black and white for these grandgirls of ours.

Someday, I hope to distill some of the story God has been writing in my life so that they can hold it in their hands and learn where they’ve come from. So they can see how God has used and blessed a whole lot of people – including a pretty interesting list of strong women! – to build their particular family tree.