5 Minute Friday: If I knew I could, I would…

Ah yes, it’s Friday once again.  Joining with Lisa Jo at “The Gypsy Mama” on a very intriguing topic this morning.  And I wonder what I’ll say!  5 minutes of unedited, unstoppable writing.

If I knew I could, I would…

I would live my life on tiptoe, 
ever expecting something wondrous to behold!


…dance like crazy, letting my body go where it wills – just because I can;
…write like crazy, words that would bring encouragement to others and tell interesting stories because I’ve had quite a ride so far;
…travel without worry or complication to as many of this planet’s beautiful places as I possibly could while still…
…spending as much time as I could at or near my home, which I love;
…save  the people I love from pain and heartache – I’ve seen so much of it and they’ve lived so much of it… but then again…
…even more than that, I want for them to be whole and holy (in the truest, best sense of that word) people and sometimes (but not always) heartache is a vehicle for producing precisely that;
… know in my heart of hearts that God isn’t done with me yet, that there is more to do and even better, more to be for however many years stretch ahead of me;
… love my mom with Jesus’ kind of love, showing patience and kindness and soothing her fears as the ravages of age and confusion move in with a vengeance.

Photo and caption added a bit later…

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  1. Coming over from 5 Minute Fridays:) I love this: “know in my heart of hearts that God isn’t done with me yet.” So many times we get discouraged that we aren’t there yet. When we can change our perspective and embrace the process, it gives a whole new meaning to the journey we are on!

  2. I love the caption for your photo! Beautiful words.
    You touched a little on what I wrote about during my five minutes- wanting to protect those we love from pain, but at the same time, knowing that it wouldn’t be for the best.

  3. You know what? I do now. I dance like crazy. At night when the house is quiet, I interrupt that with loud music and my whirls 🙂