Books & Culture Poetry Prompt:

 In response to the invitation from LL Barkat at “Everyday Poems” and Marcus Goodyear at “Books and Culture.”

Red Leaves

As I sit here, 

staring out my window,
begging the muse to 
pluck the strings
and make the words sing,
I wonder.
Could it be my silent heart
needs but a gentle breeze,
a moment of sunlight,
a rustle of promise
to release all
that waits within?

The eastern redbud tree outside my office window, 
heart shaped leaves glistening in the afternoon sunlight, gentled by the breeze.

And because for the first time ever, I somehow managed to write a post that matched one of her weekly prompts, (write a poem about a photo) I’m also posting this at Mama Kat’s Writer’s Workshop:

Mama’s Losin’ It


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  1. Beautiful photos. Autumn is my favourite season because of the red leaves. 🙂 x

  2. What a lovely, lovely photo! It could totally be a piece of artwork, couldn’t it? I love all the rich colours and the blue background of the sky. Aaah! It almost makes me miss autumn!!


  3. Beautiful, Diana! You could have taken the photo with words – so well described in your poem. Lovely.

  4. Thanks for your kind words, friends. The interesting truth about these leaves is that the picture was taken two days ago, when I wrote the poem. I live on the central coast of CA and this tree is reddest in the summer. As autumn approaches, they fade to an almost sheer rust color and drop off early in the season. We have more red leaves in the summer than we do in the fall! So…to me, they’re a harbinger of warmer weather – sometimes! – because we often get heavy doses of June gloom on this coast. I was loving, loving the sunlight on Wednesday afternoon – hence the picture and the poem.

  5. I too, wrote about finding inspiration today.

    Love this poem!!

  6. These photos, my friend, are spectacular! And the poem? It goes straight to my heart.

  7. yes, the breeze. it always opens something… 🙂

  8. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Three of my favorite writers in cyberspace comment on a post of mine, right in a row?

    Add to that two new writers/readers (at least to me) and the ever faithful and creative Sarah at Modern Country Style – and I’m a grateful girl. (all right, not so much a girl at this stage…but you get my drift…)

    Thanks Duane, Sandy and LL for stopping by.

  9. I like the idea of “begging the muse.” I’m wondering about all the different kinds of ways that people “beg the muse.” And is that anything like “begging the question”?

    Thanks for sharing your poetry with Books and Culture.