Living Gratefully, Week Three

Signing on with Michelle at “Graceful” for “Hear It, Use It” theme
(even though I didn’t hear it and therefore couldn’t use it),
and also joining 
with Ann at “A Holy Experience” for her 
Multitudes on Monday gratitude meme:
It’s been a wild and crazy week,
filled with celebration and hard work.  
Most every day was crowded with errand running, 
house cleaning and setting up to entertain a group 
of 35 on Sunday afternoon.
My mother is turning 90 on July 6th,
and Sunday was THE date that worked for the schedules of my cousins, who would need to bring their own elderly parents – my mom’s siblings – 
for any celebration we might plan.
Though we did not attend worship on Sunday morning,
we did manage to enjoy a teensy bit of reflective time 
amidst the hustle and bustle of hosting this crowd.
It was Pentecost Sunday – and I was deeply
grateful all day for the gift of the Holy Spirit
in my mom’s life, and in my own.
And somehow celebrating her long and faithful life
deepened and enriched that gratitude.
 27.  Helium balloons – a perfect symbol for Pentecost somehow!
 28.  Deep pink peonies, enough to fill four vases and bring bright beauty throughout the house.
 29. Light through the windows, one of the greatest gifts in this house God provided for us.
 30.  These colors, which just make me happy every
time I look at them.
31.  The realization that a solid year of discomfort and displacement is what made this working and entertaining space possible. Sometimes the loveliest graces come out of confusion and mess, don’t they?
 32.  My beautiful mom, Ruth, whose life has been a picture of redemption and gracious hospitality for as long 
as I can remember.
 33.  These crazy guys – with hearts like champions: 
three of our six grandsons, using the prop box set up with the picture board! (The one in the boa took all the ‘people pix’ for the day.  Thank you, Wes!)
 34.  The 5-year-olds getting into the act – with a ‘stalker’ cousin in the rear. 
 35.  This man, who worked valiantly all week long and who is such a great host.
 36.  This gorgeous daughter who came early and stayed late and helped so much.
 37.  An amazing dessert buffet, including a cheese-cake made my our 12-year-old grandson (GREAT stuff, Joel – thanks) and lemon bars and brownies from our sister-in-law 
(again – delish – thanks, Sandy).
 38.  Serendipitous sighting of these hang-gliders 
on Monday morning.
 39.  These spectacular flowers which I barely saw when I was trying to snap the big kites, but were right in front of my face.
 40.  Pig-tails for the first time.
41.  This sweet reminder of innocence and grace.
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  1. What a sweet party!! And Happy Birthday to your beautiful mom. 🙂

    Thank you so much for joining my Weekend Bloggy Reading party (and for linking back-I appreciate that!). 🙂