Five Minute Friday: Grateful

Have I told you our daughter is getting married next week?? (I talk about it here, pictures and all.) Our eldest, widowed for almost three years, has found a soul-mate for the 2nd half of life and we are all over the moon about it. So…life is a little bit crazy around here…and I CANNOT BELIEVE it is Friday again. Already. But here it is, and here is Lisa-Jo, faithful to this calling even from halfway around the world, as she relishes time with her family there. And those of us who follow her adventures are so thrilled that she has this 3-week stretch to enjoy the South African veldt where she grew up.  Check it out yourself at http://the

Want to take five minutes with me and just write without worrying if it’s just right or not. Here’s how we do it:
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Ah, what a word. Conjuring up so many images, so many pieces of my life. Gratitude is one of the strongest through-lines in my journey, a sense of wonder and awe, even in the midst of terrible pain at times, at the bounteous ways in which my life is blessed. Many people out in blogland are captivated by an invitation made online and in hard copy to ‘count the ways,’ thanks to Ann Voskamp’s amazing thinking, writing and photography. So I’m doing a bit of that myself just now, taking pictures and journaling a bit about how much of what I see around me is a source for blessing and encouragement. Even some of the hard stuff.

Family – 
strong husband, recovered from cancer, working in the yard until he’s covered with dirt;

beautiful daughters and daughter-in-law, who are strong and feisty and smart and deeply faithful;

tall son, who towers over most of us physically and mentally, but who loves his children and his wife so tenderly and well;
son-in-law (and one soon-to-be) who lean into partnership with joy and curiosity, with love and laughter and thoughtfulness.

grandchildren spanning 20 years who are growing and stretching toward the Light, asking good questions, learning to make good decisions, becoming unique and loving human persons;

a mom who struggles with remembering and understanding but whose smile lights up a room, whose spirit is indomitable and whose beauty still astounds people;

a home that I love and savor, like a true friend, a place of beauty and rest and solace and inspiration;

a life that is long and growing longer and lots more time to live it as the responsibilities that come with a working life shift away from us and onto others.

a God who is beyond my ken but close enough to breathe life into my sometimes tired soul and whose song of joy over me is more and more easily heard.

oops – went about 60 seconds too long… and pictures added after the STOP.


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  1. You have such a beautiful family! They truly are something to be grateful for.

  2. Blessed again and encouraged to continue in gratefulness.

  3. What a tribute to your family! Truly they are gifts to count!

  4. Lovely post and heart-warming story about your daughter’s upcoming wedding!