Quiet Time, Nourishing Time

“Look around you: 
Winter is over; 
the winter rains are over, gone! 
Spring flowers are in blossom all over. 
The whole world’s a choir—and singing! 
Spring warblers are filling the forest with sweet arpeggios. 
Lilacs are exuberantly purple and perfumed, 
and cherry trees fragrant with blossoms. 
Oh, get up, dear friend, 
my fair and beautiful lover—come to me! 
Come, my shy and modest dove— 
leave your seclusion, come out in the open. 
Let me see your face, let me hear your voice. 
For your voice is soothing and your face is ravishing.”
Song of Solomon 2:9-11, The Message

May you find blossoms 
wherever your feet may take you this weekend.
Songbirds, too.
And may you enjoy the surprising and welcome presence 
of dear friends, 
(whether or not they are also your spouse),
those who nourish you by their very presence,
whose voices soothe,
whose faces remind you of God’s amazing love for you. 
Enjoying the colors and sounds of spring on the west coast this weekend, despite frequent visits from spring (as opposed to winter!) rains. Joining with my good friends Sandy King and Deidra Riggs for their weekly invitation to change up the pace, slow things down and quietly center in God’s good gifts.

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  1. Shelly Miller says

    Just beautiful photos. And perhaps you are even further ahead in the season than we are. I am spending my day planting my spring/summer flowers today. Can’t wait to get my hands in the dirt. Wondering if those photos are from your yard?

  2. I love those verses from Song of Solomon. I remember reading them in the car on the way up to MN for my father-in-law’s memorial service and thinking, yes, hope.

    Don’t you just love the joyous song of the House Finch? It makes me smile every time! {I *think* that’s what that little red guy is…but I might be wrong!}

  3. Thanks, Shelly. Most are from my yard, (not all of them this year, however) three are from other places I’ve been in the last few weeks. (Although the little purple flower is from the SB MIssion garden last summer). I wish I loved the gardening end of it more. I had a floral business once and love dealing with flowers after their cut – or appreciate them on the bush – but the gardening part (though I used to do a lot of it) has never been a favored experience for me. Enjoy yourself this weekend!

  4. I love these verses, too, and had not read them in the Message before. Something about spring just cries out for hope! And yes, that is a house finch, sitting on the tiled roof of our vacation place last week. They built nests inside the tiles and would flit back and forth all day long. When I could tear my eyes away from the ocean view, I loved to watch them.

  5. These are so refreshingly spring. It still looks a bit like November here.

  6. Glenda Childers says

    My daughters are together for three weeks in England. These words just make me smile, because I know this is just what they are experiencing.

    Your photos are stunning.

  7. Dtrautwein says

     Oh, how lovely for your girls to be together! And you’re right – these words are perfect. Thanks for stopping by, Glenda.

  8. Ah. This nourishes me.

  9. Oh, that passage makes my heart blossom. And what is it about flowers and birds that makes me so happy? And you–your presence on this page feeds me, too.

  10. So glad it did, Laura. ‘Cause every time I visit you, I am fed.

  11. Makes my heart blossom, too, Sandy. And flowers and birds and ocean and clouds and mountains and deserts – just about all of it sings to me somehow. Thanks for feeding me through every single thing you post and for stopping by here to freshen things up!

  12. Linda Chontos says

    Stunning photos Diana. I just love this time of year – everything so fresh and new. The verses and the pictures just lift the spirit.

  13. Welcome back, Linda! So glad you’re getting settled into your new home and look forward to some pictures sometime…Thanks for stopping by.