31 Days of Giving Permission to . . . DIVE IN DEEP

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When the water is deep,
and we feel tiny,
it’s scary to take the leap, isn’t it?

But, oh! It’s worth it!
To feel the cool water whooshing around us,
to hear our parents and grandparents on the sidelines,
cheering us on,
to know the exhilaration of moving through the fear.


There are so many things in this life that are scary,
so many invitations to leap into the deep water,
to take a chance,
to spread our wings,
to dig, dig, dig. . .
and then . . . LET FLY.


And maybe one of the most important places for us to dive in deep
is right into the center of ourselves,
to look and listen and learn
about how we’re wired,
what makes us tick,
what slows us down,
what fouls us up.

Jennifer Dukes Lee is one of my favorite people in blogdom.
She writes her heart and she writes it beautifully.
She encourages people all over the place,
and she tells her story well because she knows her story well.

She invited me over to talk a little bit about writing,
to offer a ‘tip’ of some sort to others.
Well, I’m fresh out of tips, but I do have a lot of life experience.
And I’ve taken this particular leap of which I speak —
I’m still taking it.

The work of self-discovery, self-knowledge – well, it’s never done.
We are always on the journey.

Why don’t you hop on over to her place to read a little bit more about
why I think this particular journey is so  important,
why we all need to dive in deep.

You can find her place by clicking right here. 

And our girl on the diving board?
Yeah, she took the leap!
And we all cheered. 


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  1. Diana, This was just what I needed this morning – an answer to prayer, really. The willingness to take the leap and this question. “what core truth about who you are would rise to the top of that busy, fertile, distracted mind of yours?”

    I want to make sure you see this, so posting it here as well as on the other site:

    I have done so much work around this through counseling, but recently have lost sight of what that would be anymore. The “voices/messages” are blocking the truth about me and I have trouble hearing anymore.

    I have been encouraged to join into group therapy, which scares me to death, in light of our financial situation that is still unresolved, but my husband is in firm support of this. won’t go into detail here – just to say that when I went to bed last night, I asked God to help me know this is the right thing to do for me now. This morning I read your blog first thing – and felt like God used it to tell me to just JUMP IN.

    So thank you for this post.

  2. You may have seen my comment at Jennifer’s on your tip, life experience?? I call it wisdom. Took you up on your suggestion and can’t tell you I know my story like Jennifer Lee but I did have an incredible fifteen minutes in an unusual way today. I would explain more but it’s “deep” and this isn’t the place for it. But thank you for the encouragement. Sometimes we write and it’s for one person. Last night’s post for the writers at JDL’s was for me. 🙂

    • Thank you so much, Dea, for letting me know that. Be grateful for those ‘deep’ moments. They are rare and wonderful and healing.