31 Days of Looking for the Little: Special Places

IMG_3665 Jacob Maarse


When I know I’m going to be visiting our former hometown, I often try to find just a little space to make an extra stop. There is a florist in Pasadena that has long been a favorite destination for me. It’s called Jacob Maarse Florist, and is located in a huge warehouse-like building just off the main business thoroughfare in town. 

When my kids were in high school and beginning college, I went to a half day Dreaming Day at our church. A couple who did career counseling were there, and I had a fun time taking tests and reading booklets about possible things to do now that my children were leaving the nest. Out of that day came the desire to work more with flowers. 

So I decided to start a small business, primarily as an excuse to save a few dollars on the flowers for our eldest daughter’s wedding when she was 19. I would go to Jacob Maarse and hang out, watching the designers carefully, trying to pick up tips. I loved every minute of those trips!

And I still do. It’s a small thing, just a side-trip, but it brings me such joy and satisfaction to see talented people doing spectacular work.

Are there any side-trips that you like to take to special places, just little ones?

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  1. Steve and I moved to a new community in June. One side-trip we discovered was a wooded area about a block from the small park where we take our granddaughter to play. These woods border a busy street where trucks, buses, and emergency vehicles (with sirens screaming) race by. But enter the woods and soon the noise of the street is muffled by thick trees. The peace and quiet is a delightful, stunning contrast. And during the heat of summer, a drop in temperature was an added bonus. It’s a little side-trip well worth walking a block out of the way. Thank you, Diana, for bringing to my attention this lovely blessing!