In Which I Am Honored to Be a Guest at Sarah’s Place

If there is one thing I have learned after 15 months of regular blogging, it is this: THERE ARE HUNDREDS OF FABULOUS PEOPLE OUT HERE. And one of my very favorites is Sarah Styles Bessey, who writes over at Emerging Mummy. Sarah did an amazing thing this week: she compiled a list of 50 “Lady Bloggers” who are making a contribution to the ongoing cyber discussion of faith and life. It’s a wonderful, list – rich with variety and spice and fabulous stuff.

But I noticed something and I wrote to her about it: there were only 1 or 2 names whose lifespan exceeded about 40 years. And that felt like a sizable gap to me – and it felt the same way to her. So she challenged me to create a list of my own – of articulate women over the age of 50. What a great project to do. I enlisted the help of some friends and today, Sarah is posting the list at her place. I urge you to go over and check out some of the blogs we’ve found. And I know there are lots and lots of others out there, too – so leave a comment, either here or there, and send us lookin’ for more.

And a huge thank you to Sarah for her hospitality!

Here’s the link:

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  1. Dang!  I’m between 40 and 50….I guess I’m in the black whole of blogging… 😉

  2. Oh, oh – I am sorry! I’ll be adding links in the comments all day long, so you’ll find yourself in there somewhere! THIS IS WHAT I HATE ABOUT LISTS – PEOPLE GET LEFT OFF.

  3. Thank you, dear friend, for all your work on this. I left a comment over at Sarah’s place as well, thanking you both for the grace with which you held this conversation.

  4. You are welcome, Nancy. I’m just delighted to plug a whole bunch of great websites, yours being one of those.

  5. I, too, have been noticing that most of the lad bloggers are on the younger side.  I so appreciate having friends and mentors over 50 (and 60, and 70…).  Thanks for filling in the gap!

  6. Of course I meant “lady” bloggers, not “lad” bloggers!

  7. Thanks for clearing that up for me, Monica! Wondered who those lads were. And thanks for stopping by here to say so.

  8. Diana, God bless you for this. (And now I have a simple solution to Friday’s post at my place … 🙂 A few links, I think. 

  9. Happy to help, friend.

  10. Patricia Spreng says


    I overstepped your fb thoughts when I threw my fb thoughts about “the List” on top of them.  I know it wasn’t your point, purpose or intention… so, I hope you will forgive me for casting any shadow over it.    Can we let that one go right under the bridge,  please? =) 

    I echo what all the other women say here and over there and on fb.  I appreciate you, your gifts, all the effort you have put into this and I support what you have done completely.   Are we good?  Love you lots.

  11. Glenda Childers says

    What a fun project.

  12. Jody Collins says

    Diana, an honor and a joy to even be on this list.  And I’m sure once it’s out there, well, it could go viral, ’cause I know God has all kinds of gifted ‘mature’ people out there.  Thank you for begetting this! bless you.

  13. Hey, this is Sarah’s doing and I’m grateful to tag along on her shirttails. And it’s been grand fun to discover this set – with increasing additions to the list over in Sarah’s comments – of bloggers with life experience.

  14. Dtrautwein says

     It WAS fun. There’s a lot of good stuff out here – and each contributor is completely unique in style and voice. Thanks for stopping by, Glenda.

  15. Dtrautwein says

     I could swear I already replied to this comment, but it’s disappeared. NOTHING you said in that conversation was in the least bit offensive – please do not feel like you have to apologize. We are always ‘good,’ Pat. Always.

  16. Dtrautwein says

    So glad I could be of help. :>)  

  17. Seeing Sarah’s list was like a huge gift!  YES!  I am NOT the only 50+ woman who loves Jesus and loves to blog!  I feel like I’ve just met a bunch of new friends, and I can’t wait to begin to get to know them all!

    So, thank you for the list and for the invitation to become traveling companions.  This counselor/life coach and much-in-love wife/mom/grandma so appreciative. 

    And I’d invite you to wander around my blog …

  18. Thanks for stopping by, Linda. And you have met a bunch of new friends. I’ll check out your blog, too!

  19. Thank you Diana for standing up for Women Bloggers over age 50.  I wrote a post, “Is Your Name Written There” about your list.  It is fun to blog and meet new friends.  Thank you my dear.  I am following you.

  20. Thanks for stopping by, Hazel. And I’ll check out your post later today.

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