A Guest Post: Window Coverings, Riding the Bus and Growing Up

My friend, David Rupert, has a great series going
this summer – all about first jobs.
He invited me to participate many weeks ago,
and today is the day.
Just a few simple reflections on going to work at age 15,
in retail – selling window coverings, of all things.
My own house today has very few of those – 
because I like to look outside –
but if I had too, I could order drapes with the best of ’em!
Here’s a small sample – for the whole story, please
check out David’s place – it’s a nice place to be:
I’ve had a lot of different jobs in my life – babysitter, lawn-waterer, house-tender, school teacher, stay-at-home-mom, administrative assistant, florist, teaching assistant, staff pastor, curriculum writer and spiritual director. But the year I turned 15, I got my first ‘real’ job. A friend suggested I apply for a position as a retail clerk at a local, family-owned business that sold curtains, draperies and the hardware for hanging them. And I got paid a whopping $1.25/hour. After three years of baby-sitting for thirty-five cents per hour, that sounded like a great idea! I had to apply for a special dispensation from the city government because I was under age, and then, for the next 18 months, I worked every Saturday and all vacation days at Bruce’s Draperies on Orange Street in Glendale, CA. I learned a lot about measuring windows, calculating how much fabric would be needed for custom drapes, and which rods could best bear the weight of which fabric density.

It was boring.

I mean, it was really boring.

But my employers were kind, the customers were gracious – and I got $1.25 per hour!

Here’s the link to David’s house:

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  1. Carol J. Garvin says

    I left a comment there. Your guest post brought back some long-ago memories of going to work with my father when I was quite young. I loved those Saturday mornings with him… just the two of us finishing off some last bit of a task so that he would be ready to begin a new job on Monday with his crew. I suspect he was babysitting me so that Mom had the morning to herself, but I felt very important as Dad’s helper. 🙂

  2. pastordt says

    So you carried bricks, eh? And you save your pennies. Somehow that work ethic shows through what you write, Carol. Very cool. Thanks for leaving kind and interesting words at both places, friend.

  3. Glenda Childers says

    My first job paid $1.65. That is progress.

  4. pastordt says

    You’re just that much younger than I am, sweetie. :>)

  5. Hi, I saw there was an interesting post over at David’s blog, hopped over to read it, and came here to “meet” you in your own territory. Looked at the lovely pictures of your family. Such a heartwarming post… and I’m glad I got to read it. Grateful for the visit and lovely time I had…


  6. pastordt says

    Well, thanks for following the inks and looking around, Lidia – so glad you enjoyed yourself! Come again sometime. :>)