31 Days of Aging Gracefully: Day 13 — Trying Something New

I have a small collection of videos (two!) that are appropriate for this topic we’ve been examining the past two weeks. The whole video world is relatively new to me and I enjoy it so!

I’ve been a YouTube fan for about five or six years, I guess, and love the fact that technology allows us access to so many talented people around the world. This one even has the same title as this series and is great fun to watch. Enjoy!

And one more, just for thought and reflection. What a group of elderly women from Great Britain would do differently if they had their lives to live over again:

What do you enjoy that is new to you (relatively!)? What things do you dream about trying?

Just Wondering

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  1. I sat today at Natalie’s soccer game with Sasha sharing my lawn chair. I wouldn’t change this for anything (Oh I’d change Matt being divorced if I could) but those moments to to “be” Grandma. Thank you…. These YouTubes are terrific.

  2. I told my daughter don’t be surprised if I get quirkier as I get older. She said I shouldn’t concern myself, she’s prepared.😉

  3. Thank-you for the video links. I enjoyed them. I agree.