Something Sweet for December…

It’s that time of the month again – and I’m not talking hormones. It’s time to send sweet greetings to friends and family courtesy of TSP’s very fun adventure called, “Word Candy.” Chose a quote from a long list of categories, match it with a wonderful array of photos and post it on your blog, send it by email, tweet it or put it on your Facebook wall. Find  your own fun by clicking on this line right here.

Tomorrow is the first official day of Advent and I’ll begin a series of daily devotionals in this space – much like I did during Lent earlier this year. A photo or two, a scripture passage for the day, a few reflections or a favorite quotation, and a short prayer. Gifts for the season, for you. And for me, too. May your waiting be rich and good this year.

This will serve as my Quiet for the Weekend post this week – joining with Sandy and with Deidra in being quiet and reflective today.

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  1. We made our wreath and lit our candle today, read from Ann’s devotional when we sat down for dinner. The house is all illuminated and I love this time of year. Good to know you are doing this, I’m sharing.

  2. Oh glory! Can’t.wait.for.this.

  3. Glenda Childers says

    oh fun … looking forward to your thoughs, your gift.

  4. It won’t be all that much. I promise.

  5. Thanks, Glenda. Hope I can manage to do this…I’m behind already. :>(

  6. So glad you’ll be doing an Advent devotional, Diana – I need one this year and haven’t been able to find one I like yet!

  7. Nice. I’ll check in for a thought, verse, photo, or something sweet. It’ll be like opening the little doors on an Advent countdown calendar and pulling out a piece of chocolate. 🙂

  8. I’ll do the best I can…if things stay cool and calm for a while.

  9. Always happy to see you anywhere, Ann.

  10. We started our Advent devotionals tonight. Such a lovely time of year. Looking forward to your words, here.

  11. Thanks, Courtney. I know that many devotionals start on December 1st, but I usually try to follow the calendar and begin on the first Sunday in Advent – so that’s where I’ll start…