The Heart of It All: Word Candy

This is a quote (and a picture) that says so much to me!
Because I believe this is the primary call of God to each and every one of us:
to grow up into the persons we’re meant to be —
loving, faithful, whole people who look a lot like Jesus.


Something Sweet for December…

It’s that time of the month again – and I’m not talking hormones. It’s time to send sweet greetings to friends and family courtesy of TSP’s very fun adventure called, “Word Candy.” Chose a quote from a long list of categories, match it with a wonderful array of photos and post it on your blog, send it by email, tweet it or put it on your Facebook wall. Find  your own fun by clicking on this line right here.

Tomorrow is the first official day of Advent and I’ll begin a series of daily devotionals in this space – much like I did during Lent earlier this year. A photo or two, a scripture passage for the day, a few reflections or a favorite quotation, and a short prayer. Gifts for the season, for you. And for me, too. May your waiting be rich and good this year.

This will serve as my Quiet for the Weekend post this week – joining with Sandy and with Deidra in being quiet and reflective today.

Word Candy. . . Some Sweetness and Light

There’s a wonderful new app out there that allows you to pick from a wide variety of fabulous, short quotes and then set that quote against either a photo (all of which are way cool) or a colored background. You can do amazing things with these Word Candies:

     …post them on your wall at Facebook
     …send them in an email to a friend or two. . . or three
     …tweet them to a friend (or several)
     …put them up on your blog
     …use them as a springboard for a poem or a post
     …cheer yourself up on a blue day. 

This one pretty much summarizes why I blog at all — no one else can tell my stories. And no one else can tell yours, either — only YOU.

You can get there by clicking on this line. You sign in using Facebook or Twitter and then – let the fun begin!