Giving Permission . . . to LEARN

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These words speak to me today,

“Come to me, all you that are weary . . .
take my yoke upon you, and learn from me;
for I am gentle and humble in heart

and you will find rest for your souls. . .” 

I consider myself a ‘life-long learner.’
I enjoy learning new things, re-learning old things,
challenging myself with new ideas and difficult concepts.

But some things . . .
well, some things, I never seem to learn deeply enough.

And these lovely words from Jesus tell me that
THIS is one of those things:

resting in Jesus.

Oh, my. I say I love to learn,
that I’m eager to try new things.
But this one?
This kind of learning?

I am a slow student in this school,
plodding through life on my own strength,
adding responsibilities, 
accumulating too much stuff,
making too many commitments.

There is a drivenness in me that
pushes me to jump on that merry-go-round,
the one that spins on my insecurities
and overweening ego,
the one that makes me dizzy and tired.

So today, I am going back to school.
I want to learn from Jesus about gentleness,
about humility,
about rest.

What about you?
Is it time to rest from the spinning,
to let a plate or two drop,
to admit that you aren’t a super-powered human being?

Because the good news is that Jesus wants us to be life-long learners.
As long as this lesson is on the top of the to-do stack: 

“. . .take my yoke upon you, and learn from  me . . .”

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  1. YES! Another post I needed to read. Another tweak to my conscience. While recovering from wrist surgery, I gave myself exactly two days and then jumped back into life full-swing, albeit one-handed, which just means everything requires more energy, more time and more effort. Realizing slowly that I’m not a good learner here either. Thank you for reminding me to slow down, let go, do less, abide more, follow instead of lead, rest when I need. <3

    • I’m not a good learner here, either, Cindee – though I’m better than I once was. There IS hope!! Always, hope.

  2. Right now my plate isn’t full enough, oddly … but I still don’t always invest in learning from Jesus. When I do … I am always so glad I did.


    • Enjoy this stretch of space, Glenda. There will be plenty on your plate before you know it. (Like a new grandbaby, right?)

  3. For me, it’s more like crash and burn. That’s not rest, is it? That’s something different, and I should probably unlearn it.

    • Ooooh, I know all about that crash and burn stuff and NO it is not rest, even though it forces rest for a while. It’s what we do with the forced rest that can make the difference, I think. If we crash and burn and then sit down and be quiet and listen and take care of ourselves, we just might be unlearning all the frenzy that sent us down in the first place. It really requires intentionality, that is for sure.

  4. My dad lives with us now after a broken hips,, requiring someone to always be here, and turning our world upside down. (three weeks after i had retired) – we always knew we would care for him at some point, , but we didn’t plan on doing it without the financial support we had expected from my retirement. within 3 weeks, my company had declared bankruptcy and no retirement money and my dad is out of money and assisted living is out of the equation. I have done a LOT Of learning/leaning on God, but it’s been really hard. And so I assume i still have to do most everything, not because my husband doesn’t’ help, but because , just because that is what i learned – it’s up to me to put my desires on the back burner and then I’m so upset, boil over and no one knew I was even simmering. i have been working through this – talking to hubby about it…and this morning i gave myself some much needed rest as I wandered through Hobby Lobby

    • Carol – this just makes my heart hurt! I am so sorry for all of this upset and pain, for the puzzlement and the ‘why’ questions. And you simply cannot stay on the back burner – because if you do, you, too, like Deidra mentioned above, will crash and burn. And then who will take care of your dad? And your home? And your husband? And whoever else is on our ‘list?’ You have to find a way to build in some ‘me’ time – whatever that looks like for you – a walk by yourself or with a friend; a good book to read; a manicure or pedicure; time with someone you love; packing a picnic and eating it all by yourself in a beautiful spot – whatever. Schedule this stuff in and do it, okay???

      • thank you Diana. I have done those things, them feeling guilty about it. Learned behaviour?! I am slowly figuring this out with God’s help and the help of friends and a a small group i am involved in. but it’s a leaning curve. It’s only recently in the past few days I have realized what I have been doing. Today i went and walked a mile, listening to worship music – without feeling like i really “shouldn’t” be doing this right now. Like I said, my hubby is wonderful and i could never do this without him….the issue has been me.

    • Hobby Lobby is awesome for just those times when you need some rest! I am taking care of my elderly father and raising seven grandchildren and dealing with my own health issues. Even when I don’t have money to spend, a trip through Hobby Lobby (without the kids) is very relaxing. I love looking at all of their stuff, but I also end up singing along to the Christian music they are playing in the store. It is an extra bonus if the songs are hymns that I don’t get to hear much anymore. I hope you continue to find little things like those that will let some of the pressure off. Praying for God’s good provision for you.

      • you said you are raising your 7 that as in “living with you” raising them?

        Yes, the music in Hobby Lobby is half the fun , isn’t it? I even found the ornament for my “rainbow girl” – my two year old granddaughter. each of them have a special symbol. I appreciated hearing from you.

        • Carol, yes, the seven grandchildren live with us. There are currently 13 of us in one house. Doesn’t leave much time or money for Hobby Lobby, but when I get the chance…

  5. letting things fall to fall in His arms

    • That’s the general idea, yes, Karin! We’re just not very good at it a lot of the time. I think a piece of this is learning to partner with God, and not run off willy-nilly on our own. Saying out loud that we can’t do it all and we’re not even going to try, asking God to walk with us through the commitments we’ve made, letting go those things that inhibit our ability to choose wisely. It’s a long list, isn’t it?

  6. Diana – second time in 4 days I’ve heard this text – one that is so familiar we can glide over it. I take it in less for rest than for trust today – I’m trying to listen and learn. Loved this – and thank you.

    • You’re welcome, Sue. And yes, it is about trust. But the verb that jumped at me this time was that little word, ‘learn.’ Somehow, that one slid right by me until just recently. And it’s a key piece, seems to me. “Learn of ME,” Jesus says, because I am gentle and humble. . . deep breath. And again. . .

  7. No idea how to do this.

    • Actually, Carolyn, you do know how to do this. You just can’t do it in long, long chunks. You went to the retreat, you did a little retail therapy, you’ll carve out a few minutes here and a few minutes there to sit and be still or to do something that nourishes you. It doesn’t have to be much – and I know it can’t be right now. But you do know how.

  8. This:
    …adding responsibilities,
    …accumulating too much stuff,
    …making too many commitments.

    I’m such a slow learner. It’s part of being a person of many interests. But also of striving to be enough.

    So I’m dropping some things, dumping some stuff, and saying a few no’s.