31 Days of Aging Gracefully: Day 8 — Looking for the Good


Let me tell you about my friend, Lucille. Please. Let me tell you.

We met in 1975 when my family began attending Pasadena Covenant Church, where Lucille and her then husband Harold had been leading members for decades. She was the head honcho of the woman’s organization in the church and she was GOOD at it! Gifted organizationally and an exceptional cook, she had vision and energy to spare. At this point, she was 58 and I was 30.

If you’re any good at math, then you’ve figured out that she is now 98 years young. She has some trouble walking these days, but overall, she is still amazing. In fact, I would say, Lucille is a real pistol! In the very best way.

God put this good woman in my life at precisely the time I needed to be inspired and encouraged. She saw gifts in me and she patiently drew them out over the 21 years we worshipped and worked together in that community. She always saw the good in me. Always. And she told me about it, in ways both direct and indirect. She was, in many ways, a third mother to me — my own mom and mother-in-law being the first two. And I even looked a little bit like her daughter (and like her, too). 

Can I just tell you what a gift it is to hear from another adult whom you admire that you are a good and gifted person? It is life-changing, as a matter of fact, and I will be grateful to her and for her until the day I die.

She now lives in assisted living at the same retirement community where my mom is located. Because my mother’s condition has been so demanding, I’ve had little time to visit with her of late, but I’m making an effort to change that. Why? Because I love her. And because I’m grateful for her. And because I don’t know how much longer she’ll be here for me to sit with and smile at.

When I went to see her new little apartment (her third in this place – she started in a HUGE one with her second husband . . . which is another beautiful story I will tell some day . . . and then downsized to a still lovely smaller one when he died. And just last year, moved into assisted living. Her same beautiful things are still there and that smaller space radiates her beauty and grace in every corner.

When I went to see her, she asked me to go get a box out of one of her closets and bring it to her. Inside were some lovely needlepoint zipper bags that she had made and she insisted that I take one. “My daughter is coming soon and she’s bringing me new ones to do. I love to do it while I sit and look out the window or watch television.”


Her beautiful handiwork sits now on my bedside table, a glorious reminder of someone I love who took the time and made the effort to see and speak the good in me. Thank you, Lucille. And thank you, Jesus.

So, where are you looking for the good in others these days? And who has seen and named the good in you?

Just Wondering

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  1. Speaking into the lives of the younger ones in our spheres of influence is a joy. And I’m SO grateful for those who’ve gone ahead and done the same for me.
    Beautiful post, Diana.

  2. Lucille sound like such a wonderful woman. And her handiwork is as beautiful as her smile. It’s easy to see the good in her. Where do I look for the good in others? Mostly through their words because I read a lot of books and blog posts these days. I see it in the deeds of my beloved husband as he loves like Jesus does and gives so generously. I see it in friends and neighbours who never darken the door of a church yet act like they know how to be a good friend and lend a helping hand to others. Maybe it depends on the type of vision we have and our perspective. If we are determined to look for the good in others more than the bad, and the best in life rather than dwelling on the worst, maybe we see more that way. Just a thought.. 🙂 x

    • It is such a gift of grace to be surrounded with others who look for the good, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your lovely words, Joy. Always love to hear from you.

    • It is such a gift of grace to be surrounded with others who look for the good, isn’t it? Thanks for sharing your lovely words, Joy. Always love to hear from you. I especially love that ‘just a thought’ idea you tucked into the end of your comment. YES. I agree.

  3. I too have been blessed with people who have spoken words of hope and blessing into my life and I see places where I have been able to do the same for others. I pray i’ll be able to do that for a long time. Enjoying these posts this month.

  4. I’ll always remember the older women who took time to mentor me as a young Christian growing in the faith. Oh, what a blessing!
    So glad you shared Lucille’s story here, Diana.

  5. Oh, I love this Diana. Love it! Isn’t it wonderful to feel for once the “young one” and to be so encouraged and loved? I’m so glad you have Lucille in your life. I’m astounded that she can still do such intricate needlework. What a treasure – both the little bag and your precious friend.

    • Indeed it is lovely to feel like the young one, the learner! And she is a treasure, one I’m continually grateful for.

  6. What a beautiful story.