31 Days of 5 Minute Prompts: Day Eighteen — SHARE


Once a quarter, we do this. Only once a quarter. I knew it would be tough to get commitments for much more than that — everyone is super busy (maybe too busy?) and it is sometimes tough sledding to get sign-ups for anything too long-term or too often.

But once a quarter for two years now, we’ve done this. We’ve shopped for, prepared, schlepped and served Dinner-in-the Park to 60-80 of our homeless brothers and sisters here in Santa Barbara. The goal is to become familiar enough with someone to hook them up with other services available to them, with the long-term goal of finding housing for all.

It’s tough sledding, I’ll tell you. And there is a long list of reasons that is true. But this much we know: Jesus asks us to give a cup of cold water to those in need. So we try to do that. At least once a quarter.

My own balance issues preclude my being in a poorly lit park after dark, so I do the organizing, the shopping, and the food prep, with several friends. Together, we help load the cars/trucks that take all the food and equipment over to the park. We all chip in to cover the costs and we’ve now got a pretty well-oiled machine in place.

Maybe this next year we can make it happen bi-monthly? Well, we’ll see. Because sharing is a good thing, right?  

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  1. Sharing is a great thing, Diana! Blessings to you and to your church for reaching out to those in need.

  2. Elaine Reed says

    Wonderful work! It’s great you have a vision for even more!