31 Days of 5 Minute Prompts: Day Sixteen — READ


This is just a small sampling of the things I need to read. Soon. Some of them, I’ve finished. Some of them, I’ve started and have yet to finish. Some of them, I have yet to crack open. And there are at least 20 others at various stages of being read or un-read. 

Oy Vey.

I’ve had friends tenderly explain to me that part of my problem with reading right now is grief. And I think there is truth to that statement. I can manage murder mysteries, but anything that requires thoughtful reading/underlining/note-taking? Not so much right now. I hope that ability — or even the desire for that ability — will return someday soon. But for now, it seems to have gone missing.

Reading has always been a huge part of my life and I hope that will continue to be true. But right now, if I’m honest, I can barely manage to read the news and the aforementioned mysteries. Give me a Netflix series, any day of the week, at least at this particular moment in time.

I am reading scripture each day, in small chunks — which is my preferred methodology, at this stage of my life. I prefer reading slowly, carefully, reflectively and smaller chunks lend themselves to that kind of reading much better than large swaths of chapters and verses. And I am finding comfort there — not always, but often enough to reassure me that some things have not changed, nor disappeared forever in the wake of losing so many people I care about in recent weeks and months. 

And so, I hold out hope that those books in the picture above — and maybe even a few more on that big pile that is not pictured — will land in my hands, head and heart. Praying in that direction.

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  1. When I lost my then husband many years ago, I found great solace in reading books that had wonderfully uplifting stories, but didn’t require much thought or reflection on my part. I simply needed to escape to another world for a time. And you know what? Looking back now, I really see that it helped me to move on in a healthy way with my grieving process. It all takes time . . .
    Blessings, Diana!

    • Wow, Martha. I didn’t realize you’d been widowed. My daughter has walked that road and while her first husband was dying, I watched every film version I could find of Jane Austen novels — and re-read them all, too. It was enormously helpful to be reminded that happy endings can and do happen. I am so glad you are happily remarried to Danny – and my daughter is, too, to wonderful Karl.

  2. Recently I have gone through a period of time when reading the Bible is hard for me….even the psalms seemed hollow. Someone suggested I get a children’s bible story book – so I got The Jesus Bible Storybook. What a treasure. I read one story a day as if I am reading it to the Little Girl within me. It’s what I can manage now and it is good. I also have read a book by frederick Buechner – The Sacred Journey. I have found some real treasures there.