31 Days of 5 Minute Prompts: Day Thirteen — INVITE


There was a time in my life when water that looked like this felt inviting to me. As a teen, I loved big surf and could body surf moderately well. As I got older, had babies I felt bound to, then got even older and more easily bruised when bashed about, I decided that such waves were still inviting, all right, but not for swimming/surfing! 

Instead, I learned to look, really look, at the water and to thoroughly enjoy the muscularity of a pounding surf. There are still lots of folks who would find this water beckoning, with or without surf or boogie board. Not I. Nope. I will look, thank you very much.

And look, I do. And wonder all the while. I love the ocean — anyone who’s spent any time at this blog knows that already. And I love watching the surf. I enjoy remembering how much fun I had, even as recently as fifteen years ago. But looking is good, you know?

Looking and being overwhelmed by gratitude that God made the seas, that they represent life and strength, hope and respite. Did you know that scientists have discovered that something happens to the molecules of the atmosphere around water-in-motion? Well, they have. And those changes are known to induce feelings of contentment and pleasure in human beings. 

I am not in the least surprised! Are you?

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  1. That doesn’t surprise me at all! Like you, I so enjoy watching the waves roll in, hearing their crashes on the shore, and breathing in the salt air.
    Blessings, Diana!

    • Most people do, I think. But every once in a while I’ll meet someone who doesn’t give two figs about the ocean and I’m alway left stammering. I simply do not get it!!